Mr. Moffat was scheduled to be a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who was dropped during the development of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for unknown reasons. Moffat and Tommy Vercetti know each other from the past and Moffat has found himself on the run again from the police in Vice City. Moffat was scheduled to appear in a mission, where Tommy would help him escape from cops that were after him.

Hello Moffat


  • Moffat: Vercetti? VERCETTI!! Damn you man you've got to help me!
  • Tommy: Mr. Moffat? How's family life?
  • Moffat: Damn you to hell, HELL, do you hear me?!
  • Tommy: Well it was nice chatting...
  • Moffat: WAIT! Wait, Vercetti -Tommy, can I call you Tommy? We're both businessmen, yeah? You know a good deal when you hear one, OK?
  • Tommy: I don't have the time to chat, get to the point.
  • Moffat: MONEY. Money is the goddamn point, I've escaped the coop again, but its never long before they track me down - they think it's a damned game! I'm at a pay phone somewhere in this god forsaken shit hole. Get me out of here before they take me back and..and..oh go-o-od...
  • Tommy: Well, I'm busy for the next-
  • Moffat: No! Don't shit with me here, have a heart! No man should have to do such, such things. I'm on my knees here Tommy, in the dirt begging for you please...
  • Tommy: I guess I could swing by that way see if I can spot you...
  • Moffat: Oh god, they're coming. For the love of Christ hurry, hurry!



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