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Mr. Mawson was scheduled to be a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who was dropped during the development of Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Mawson was scheduled to be a transvestite and friend of Joey Leone. According to some lines of cut dialogues of the game, he owns an Idaho.

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Mike meets Mr. Mawson during a deleted mission.

Mission appearances

  • The Big Leagues - Mike was supposed to bust-out Mawson from the prision.
  • Company's Car - Possibly. It was a mission given by a unknown person.
  • Final Negotiations - Mike was supposed to kill some corrupt officers in a quiet location.
  • Driving Mr. Mawson - Mission given by Joey Leone. Mike was supposed to get Mawson and lose the wanted level.
  • Unknown deleted mission - Mike was supposed to steal or destroy a truck full of dildos in Atlantic Quays.


  • According to the script, if Mawson dies in the mission The Big Leagues, a mission failed screen will say "You just put Mr. Mavson in a body bag.", with his name mispelled.


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