Mr. Benz is a clothing business in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Shops are found in Portland View, Portland; Bedford Point, Staunton Island; and Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale.

The Bedford Point and Pike Creek branches of the business play different roles in two different missions of the game. In Rough Justice, a mission played for Salvatore Leone, Toni must first pick up a Lawyer Outfit in the Pike Creek branch and wear it in order to meet the jailed Salvatore inside the LCPD station in Pike Creek. In A Date With Death, a mission played for Toshiko Kasen, Toni goes to the Bedford Point branch of the business to pick up and wear a tuxedo in order for him to go to the opera.

All three stores are destinations in the "Taxi Driver" side-mission.


  • The name of the store and the fact that it is a costume shop is presumably meant to be a reference to the old British children's book/television series character Mr Benn, who would always begin his adventures by visiting a costume store.
  • The name is also a possible reference to Leslie Benzies, who worked as a producer in Rockstar Games and was nicknamed "The Benz".
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