Entry to the movies

Movies are an activity in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online


The player can watch movies by accessing one of the three cinemas in Los Santos.

While the Cinema Doppler can be purchased by the player, movies cannot be seen there. Numerous other cinemas can be found in the city, but they cannot be accessed.

The player can also bring friends to movies while on activities. Entry costs $20 per person. Most movies are preceded by either a trailer for another film or an advisory about behaviour in the theatre. The player cannot move around once inside, but can move the camera to get a limited view of the theatre and see some of the other people attending the film. The cinema interiors are identical, but the number of people (if any) viewing the film will vary, though never more than a few individuals.

The movie shown will depend on what time of day the cinema is accessed and will not always correspond with what is on the marquee. The cinemas are unique among player-usable businesses in Grand Theft Auto V as they are not open 24 hours a day; between 10pm and 10am, they cannot be accessed.

Viewable Movies


Unviewable Movies


  • Meltdown is not supposed to be viewable until after completing the mission of the same title. In the PS3 version, however, it was possible to sometimes see the film before the mission was undertaken.
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