For the mountain as it appears in Grand Theft Auto V, see Mount Chiliad (HD Universe).
"The highest mountain in the whole state. Very popular for people who like to get high. I mean people who like to feel on the top of the world. I mean people who have nothing better to do than walk up a goddamn hill. It's crime-free. Why is it on a crime report? Nobody is going to steal it."
―GTA San Andreas.

Mount Chiliad is a tall mountain featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, being the tallest mountain in the state.


Mount Chiliad is located in west Whetstone, San Andreas. It is reportedly based upon the real-life Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, California or Mount Whitney. It is the highest point in the state of San Andreas as well as the GTA series, until the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Immediately to the north is the bustling metropolis of San Fierro, while to the south, at the mountain's base, is the small town of Angel Pine. Races are held here on mountain bikes during the daytime. These races start from the mountain's summit and end at the mountain's base. It offers spectacular views of Angel Pine. Sometimes cyclists may be seen cycling around the mountain.

Due to its height, aircraft collide into the mountain much more frequently than any other place in the state. Because of this, the player should exercise caution when climbing or descending the mountain, as an explosion within close proximity of Carl Johnson can be fatal.

Mission Appearances

Stationary Vehicles

  • Camper: Found at the summit
  • Journey: Found at the summit
  • Mesa: At the base and near the entrance of the mountain, appears only when wanted for export
  • Mountain Bike: Found at the base near the entrance to the mountain and also at the summit, which starts The Chiliad Challenge when hopped on during daytime, and at the base of the mountain
  • Sanchez: At the base and near the entrance of the mountain. Another one can be found outside the cabin where the mission Badlands takes place
  • Quadbike: Show up occasionally at the south-east forest of the mountain, next to the north shore downhill track that leads to a unique stunt jump ramp
  • Dinghy: Two can be found in the waters to the west of the mountain



  • If the player drives off of the summit in any vehicle and land on one of the edges of the terrain of the mountain hard enough, the player will fall into Blue Hell for a few seconds, then suddenly appear high in the air somewhere in San Andreas, before crashing back down to the ground.



  • There is a downhill track that leads to a unique stunt jump ramp at the southeast forest of the mountain. To find the track, on the route from the entrance to the summit, go up to the third curve then go straight into the forest instead. If the player has unlocked the third Mount Chiliad challenge - the "Cobra Run", simply mounting the mountain bike at the summit will automatically teleport the player there.

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