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"2-4 teams parachute into a post-apocaliptic warzone with nothing but a pistol and a serious shopping list. The streets are littered with heavy firepower and weaponized vehicles, and you better hope your decision-making is up to scratch: last team standing inherits the earth, and second place is a smoking crater."
— In-game Description

Motor Wars[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Smuggler's Run update, released on August 29, 2017.


"Blending the adrenaline rush of Drop Zone with the claustrophobic tension of a match of Penned In, this brutal Adversary Mode is a deadly scavenger hunt where second place is not an option. Up to four teams parachute into a periodically shrinking kill box strewn with a lethal assortment of guns, explosives and Weaponized Vehicles. Work together, find a vehicle, and fight opposing teams and the shrinking map to survive and win."
Rockstar Newswire description.

The mode is essentially a Last Team Standing match, where two to four teams fights each other and once a player is killed, they do not respawn until a winner is declared. The game starts with the teams jumping out from a Cargobob and parachuting into the fight zone, similar to modes like Drop Zone or Dawn Raid.

In the fight zone, several heavy weaponry and armed vehicles are scattered around the map, which are the available arsenal for all the teams. The difficulty is that every time, the fight area becomes smaller than before, with a warning message appearing 10 seconds before the bounds shrinks. If the player is caught out of the fight zone, they have a few seconds to return before they are automatically killed[citation/verification needed]. The first two shrinkings will take one minute and 30 seconds, while the third and the subsequent ones only a minute.

If at least two opposing team members are still alive after the given time, a "sudden death" is triggered and players have two minutes to win. After 30 seconds of sudden death, the dome will start shrinking and anyone caught outside the bounds will be now instantly killed. The last team standing wins the match.


Weaponized Vehicles

*Will have randomized armor plating upgrades.


Image Location Map
Motor Wars I takes place in Pillbox Hill and its surrounding areas.
Motor Wars II takes place in the RON Alternates Wind Farm, Davis Quartz, and their surrounding areas.
Motor Wars III takes place in Vinewood Hills.
Motor Wars IV takes place at the Redwood Lights Track and other parts of Grand Senora Desert and its surrounding areas.
Motor Wars V takes place on Elysian Island and its surrounding areas.
Motor Wars VI takes place in Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, and Alamo Sea.
Motor Wars VII takes place around the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.


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