The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and is the sixth largest natural satellite in the Solar System.

It is featured in every third person game in the series.


The moon first appeared in Grand Theft Auto III and has appeared in every game since then (with the exception of Grand Theft Auto Advance). It is assumed that the moon revolves around Earth, like in real life. However, it does not move across the sky as the night progresses and is depicted as a static image relatively low in the sky, fading into view at dusk and disappearing in the same manner at dawn.

In the 3D Universe games, shooting at the moon with a Sniper Rifle will cause it to change size.

The moon in the 3D Universe is constantly depicted as a full moon and does not feature different moon phases. The PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an exception, however.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the libration of the moon is present.

In Grand Theft Auto V, different moon phases are featured.



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