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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto V that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

Dawg, you seen this monkey dude doin his street art shit round the city? Dude is real, man. Them some authentic ass lines.
Lamar Davis

Monkey Mosaics are exclusive collectibles in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V. Players can access this content regardless of whether they are a returning player or not, although limited for non-returning players.


After completing the mission Chop, Franklin will receive a text message from Lamar saying that a street artist has been painting monkey mosaics in walls across Los Santos. After this, the player will need to photograph all of these simian-inspired mosaics that the mysterious street artist is tagging across the walls of the city. The player can photograph the mosaics with any protagonist, despite the fact that only Franklin receives the text message. There are a total of 50 monkey mosaics to be photographed.

This appears to be a publicity stunt by the Go Go Space Monkey company in preparation for the upcoming film Space Monkey 3D, as the company thanks the player for taking part once the event is completed.


Mosaic locations
# Map Image Description
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Strawberry red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Strawberry red.png
Strawberry - Under The Olympic Freeway, southeast of the Ammunation.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Strawberry green.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Strawberry green.png
North wall of the homeless camp under the Olympic Freeway in Strawberry.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Davis orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAV Davis orange.png
On the roof of the Beacon Theatre in Davis.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Rancho yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Rancho yellow.png
Alley behind a restaurant in Rancho.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe CypressFlats purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe CypressFlats purple.png
On the roof of the Pisswasser Factory in Cypress Flats.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe ElBurro blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe ElBurro blue.png
On the concrete steps to a building in the Car Scrapyard in El Burro Heights.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Terminal green.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Terminal green.png
East wall of Alpha Mail Couriers depot, southeast corner of Terminal.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Port of LosSantos blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Port of LosSantos blue.png
South end of the Port of Los Santos.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Banning purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Banning purple.png
Dock on the north shore of the port, Elysian Island/Banning.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe LSIA yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe LSIA yellow.png
Unrestricted warehouse area on the east side of LSIA.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe LaPuerta yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe LaPuerta yellow.png
Behind the Los Santos Customs at the airport, La Puerta.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe LaPuerta red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe LaPuerta red.png
At the base of the illuminated LS FORUM sign next to the freeway, La Puerta
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe PuertaDelSol red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe PuertaDelSol red.png
Hidden behind bushes at Puerto Del Sol Marina.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe VespucciBeach yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe VespucciBeach yellow.png
Raquetball courts, Vespucci Beach.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe DeckerPark blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe DeckerPark blue.png
North side of the westernmost skate ramp, Decker Park, Little Seoul.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe PillboxHill yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe PillboxHill yellow.png
Beneath the Maze Bank Tower, San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill. Hiding behind planter box and foliage.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe East Vinewood red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe East Vinewood red.png
Beneath the Del Perro Freeway/Los Santos Freeway interchange in East Vinewood, hidden behind homeless carton-house.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe East Vinewood yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe East Vinewood yellow.png
East Vinewood Mirror Park Rail Yard on the side of a railcar.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe MirrorPark green.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe MirrorPark green.png
Mirror Park public toilet.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe MurrietaHeights yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe MurrietaHeights yellow.png
Murrieta Heights under Palomino Freeway.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe TataviamTruckstop yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe TataviamTruckstop yellow.png
Behind the 24/7 at the Tataviam Truckstop on the Palomino Freeway.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Vinewood red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Vinewood red.png
On the first level of roof behind the Vinewood Plaza Hotel in Vinewood.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Vinewood orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Vinewood orange.png
Vinewood, on the side of a block of stores on Clinton Avenue.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Vinewood yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Vinewood yellow.png
Vinewood, above Bishop's WTF?! on Vinewood Boulevard.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Hardcore Comic orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Hardcore Comic orange.png
Above the door of the Hardcore Comic Store on Eclipse Boulevard in Vinewood.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Burton purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Burton purple.png
Hawick Avenue, Burton on the roof.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe DelPerroFreeway purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe DelPerroFreeway purple.png
Next to the Del Perro Freeway just over a wall from the Rockford Dorset Hotel.
Monkey Mosaics map GTAVe RockfordHills Blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe RockfordHills Blue.png
On a seat in a corner park in the southeast corner of the Los Santos Golf Club in Rockford Hills.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe DelPerro orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe DelPerro orange.png
On top of Woody's Autos in Del Perro opposite Ammu-Nation.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe DelPerro blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe DelPerro blue.png
At the top of the stairway down to the Del Perro subway station.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Vespucci orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Vespucci orange.png
On the wall of Al Dente's in Vespucci.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe DelPerroPier yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe DelPerroPier yellow.png
At the end of Del Perro Pier on a bench seat.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe PacificBluffs blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe PacificBluffs blue.png
On the steps leading down from Playa Vista, Del Perro to the footbridge over the Great Ocean Highway.
Monkey Mosaics map GTAVe PacificBluffs red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe PacificBluffs red.png
Behind the Hill Valley Church in the cemetery at Pacific Bluffs.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Richman purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Richman purple.png
At ULSA, just east of the track.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe VinewoodHills yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe VinewoodHills yellow.png
Cottage Park, Rockford Hills on the side of the building.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Observatory blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Observatory blue.png
Galileo Observatory

- On the roof near the dome on the left side.

Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe NorthChumash orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe NorthChumash orange.png
Under the south side of the Route 1 bridge over Cassidy Creek in North Chumash.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Route68 red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Route68 red.png
Behind the Discount Store on Route 68 by Fort Zancudo.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Harmony purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Harmony purple.png
Behind the Animal Ark Building at Harmony Plaza on Route 68 in Harmony.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe SandyOilDepot orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe SandyOilDepot yellow.png
Behind the building at the fuel depot on Joshua Road, midway between Harmony and Sandy Shores.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe SandyShores red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe SandyShores red.png
In a boarded up Auto repair workshop opposite a Liquor Market on Marina Drive, west end of Sandy Shores. The photo can be taken by standing on a vehicle without gaining entry to the boarded up room.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe AbandonedMotel purple.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe AbandonedMotel purple.png
The Derelict Motel in Sandy Shores. west side, 1st floor, 1st room south doorway.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe SandyShores blue.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe SandyShores blue.png
Behine O'Sheas Barbers Shop in Sandy Shores.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe ThomsonScrapyard orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe ThomsonScrapyard orange.png
On a fence behind the office building at Thomson Scrapyard in the Grand Senora Desert.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe HumaneLabs yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe HumaneLabs yellow.png
North side of the gateway to Humane Labs and Research.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Grapeseed red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Grapeseed red.png
Behind the supermarket building on Grapeseed Main Street in Grapeseed.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe Grapeseed yellow.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe Grapeseed yellow.png
Behind a building opposite the Limited LTD Service station on Grapeseed Main Street in Grapeseed.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe PaletoBay red.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe PaletoBay red.png
Behind the gas station building next to Beeker's Garage in Paleto Bay.
Monkey Mosaics Map GTAVe PaletoBay orange.png
Monkey Mosaics GTAVe PaletoBay orange.png
Behind Herr Kutz Barber on Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay.


Once all the mosaics have been photographed, the player will receive a message saying that monkey outfits have been delivered to Trevor's wardrobe. There will be 4 shorts, 5 tank tops and 3 dresses inspired by the monkey mosaics in his wardrobe.

The Monkey Mosaic random event will also become available and once completed a text message will confirm the Go Go Monkey Blista will be available at the protagonists' garages, in the "Special Vehicles" section.

If the player kills the artist, it will prevent the player from getting the Go Go Monkey Blista and the Monkey clothes and there will be no opportunities again to unlock the rewards anymore; as such, killing the artist comes as a fairly pointless option.

Note: Although Monkey Mosaics are a feature available for all players and everyone is able to get the clothing items, the random event would be triggered ONLY for returning players. Therefore, the Go Go Monkey Blista is unobtainable for non-returning players.


Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 - Monkey Mosaics Location Guide (Go Go Monkey Blista) PS4 & Xbox One


  • The mosaics might be inspired by well-known French street artist Invader, who creates similar 8-bit mosaics. These are found in cities around the world, including Los Angeles.
  • The first monkey mosaic's design is unique comparing to other mosaics.
  • The monkey mosaics are already present at the beginning of the game unlike other collectibles, for example letter scraps which appear only after a Weazel News radio broadcast about Leonora Johnson's unsolved murder. Subsequently, one can start collecting snapshots of the monkey mosaics after completing Franklin and Lamar and not have to wait for Lamar's text about the mosaics.
  • The mosaics also appear in Grand Theft Auto Online though these cannot be interacted at all by the GTA Online Protagonist.