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Luis: "Oh baby, take it easy on me, okay? I had a long day."
Monique: "I'm going to make you forget all about that.."
Luis: "Mm, I bet you will."
—Monique before orally pleasuring Luis Lopez.

Monique is a minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony. She is the girlfriend of Bahama Mamas club owner, Vic Manzano.


Monique and Luis Fernando Lopez used to date, but it is implied that their relationship ended when he had an affair with her roommate. In the mission "Boulevard Baby", Rocco Pelosi orders Tony Prince to send Luis down to Bahama Mamas where she is the manager, to "talk" (seduce) her to anger her boyfriend Vic, who was in Las Venturas. Luis must dance with her; and then she begins kissing him, and leads him to the club's office, where she performs oral sex on him. Unfortunately, Vic (who, it turns out, wasn't in Venturas) enters the office to find her head in Luis' lap. As she rises to explain the explicit scene, he punches her in the stomach, calling her a whore, and pulls a Pistol .44 on Luis, who kills Vic. From this point she can be killed or spared by Luis.

Mission Appearances



Monique's corpse.

  • Killing Monique will disable the "Good Guy" achievement and prevent the player from attaining 100% completion for the mission, so her survival would appear to be the canon choice for the storyline.