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"Mr. Weston is one of the most brilliant investors the world has ever known. He's...He's obviously a maverick."
―Molly Schultz, expressing her devout fondness for her employer.

Molly Schultz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto, appearing as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. She's the Senior Vice President and General Counsel to Devin Weston's business.


Molly Schultz graduated from Vespucci University with a degree in Law and an Msc in Corporate Raiding from ULSA. After training at Feist & Welch, she spent 5 years working for the in-house Litigation team of Globe Oil before moving to Redwood Cigarettes, where she successfully overturned 26 class action lawsuits linking tobacco to lung cancer. She was then headhunted by Devin Weston for his 'Resistance Training in Rwanda' benefit workout in 2009.

Shultz is a lawyer working for Devin Weston. It is heavily implied that Molly has romantic feelings for Weston and thus will devoutly follow his commands, despite him not reciprocating her feelings. Trevor Philips is attracted to her and makes this known on several occasions. She often handles the contracts between between Weston and the three protagonists.

Eventually she is told by Weston to take a copy of a film produced by Michael De Santa and Solomon Richards to her flight. Unable to give his first work away, Michael chases her up to the airport, while Molly is being protected by LSPD officers. She crashes her car, exits and runs towards her plane in Weston's hangar. A Jet starts its engines, while Molly tries to escape however and as she runs, she gets caught in the air being sucked into the jet's turbine, and drops the film. She unluckily tries to run away from it but she is sucked into the turbine and is violently killed instantly, with blood and flesh on the hangar's floor. Michael retrieves the film and escapes the cops.

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