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Molly Schultz's Driver is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is seen driving Molly Schultz and sometimes Devin Weston around to their destinations.


The driver first appears in I Fought the Law... alongside Molly and Devin at the construction site, after the two tell the Franklin, Michael, and Trevor how to do the job, Molly gets into a dark gray Felon and the driver drives off with her. At the end of the mission, the driver appears again and after Molly tells Franklin and Trevor of the next job and Devin informs the 3 about the money, Molly and Devin get into the car and drives off. The driver appears at the end of the missions Pack Man, where Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor deliver the cars to Molly, where Molly informs Franklin the Devin is going to hold the money, after this Molly gets into a black Felon and tells the driver to drive off in which the two then drive off.

Physical Appearance

His appearance is randomized from character models including the a_m_m_business_01 NPC model group. All of his character models wear a beige suit with a light gray tie and light blue stripes and wears black dress shoes.

At the beginning of I Fought the Law... he is Asian and has short black hair, but once the cutscene begins he has the same character model as Enzo Bonelli. At the end of I Fought the Law... he has the same character model as Isaac Penny. At the end of Pack Man, he is African American.

Mission Appearances

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