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"Using Weaponized Tampas, destroy signal jammers to find the location of a rogue agent. Take out the agent before he defects, then deliver the Weaponized Tampas to a drop off."

Mole Hunt is a Mobile Operations mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


The team starts in a storage area of El Burro Heights next to Weaponized Tampas. Agent 14 informs that one of their agents was been turned by a rival state and that he is using their own facilities to down the network and cover his escape.

The team is instructed to use the Tampas to destroy mobile signal jammers, which are in black Mules and guarded. The team has to take out the guards and destroy the truck, bringing the jammers down. Once the task is done, Agent 14 informs that they would need some time to refresh the network and starting to locate the agent. Shortly after that, he informs that they narrowed down the location to a small area in Elysian Island and orders the team to go over there and take out the rogue agent.

Once the team is in the area, several Merryweather Security agents are guarding there, with Mesas on the paths and assisted by Buzzard Attack Choppers. The team has to search while taking out the enemies. After looking for its possible hideout, turns out to be that the agent is leaving the area with a Weaponized Tampa and the team needs to take him out. As Agent 14 said, caution should be taken, as the agent has the same Weaponized Tampa as the ones used by the team and he will make use of the rear mortars. He will also have backups on the way, including an Insurgent Pick-Up.

Once the agent is taken out, Agent 14 congratulates the team and orders them to deliver the vehicles to a drop off point out of the city. The team moves to a small abandoned area in Grand Senora Desert, where allies will be waiting next to an Insurgent. With the vehicles delivered, the mission is completed.

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  • At the start of this mission brief, Agent 14 states that it is 2017, which means that GTA Online advances in real time. However, since GTA V is set in a fixed time and GTA Online is supposed to be set several months before, this caused a huge continuity error at the time.
    • The Doomsday Heist would later clarify this, demonstrating that GTA Online's story has moved forwards to 2017 in multiple ways by the time of Gunrunning, such as the release of the blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM radio station, which mostly plays songs released in 2017.