Modupe is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a security guard working at Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster. He can optionally appear in the mission Final Interview. If the player waits long enough without attacking Goldberg, he will call Modupe saying that Niko is wasting his time. Goldberg will ask Modupe to remove Niko from the building. Instead of this Modupe pulls out a gun and starts to shoot at Niko, which causes Tom to run out of his office.

Mission Appearances


  • He doesn't have a unique character model. Instead he uses generic security guard model.
  • If the player unveils a grenade during Niko's interview, Goldberg will suggest that they should let Modupe play with it for a while and "see what happens".
  • It is unknown why Modupe attacks Niko instead of throwing him out. It is most likely to make the mission slightly harder and to prevent the mission from failing by getting Niko thrown out of the building.
  • His name, "Modupe", means "I praise God" or "I thank God" in Yoruba language. This suggests that he originates from Africa.


  1. Given the fact that Modupe isn't Amerian name, this is unlikely that he is American.


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