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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Mobile Operations are a series of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


Go to to purchase the Mobile Operations Center.
You ready to take this up a gear? There's a truck and trailer Mobile Operations Center for sale on Warstock. It has some neat features that you and I would find extremely useful - especially for running, say, special ops! Your new bunker would also be the perfect place to store and modify it. Get one and I'll be in touch.
— Agent 14's text
Whoa, the system says you just purchased a Weaponized Vehicle.
You know what would make your life a whole lot easier right now? Getting yourself a Mobile Ops Center on Warstock.
You could modify and weaponize any time, any place, and have somewhere to hang while you're surveilling your exes.
— Agent 14's call to bunker owners

Mobile Operations are Special missions led by Agent 14 and prepped with weaponized vehicles. Completing a mission will enable discounted prices for weaponized vehicles in Warstock Cache & Carry. Mobile Operations are launched from the console inside the Mobile Operations Center, either from the living quarters or from the command center. Each of these missions only requires two - four players and are unlocked at Rank 1.

In order to unlock a mission, the player has to complete the required number of bunker resupply missions, with at least 14 resupply missions to unlock every mission. Even if the player does not own a MOC, resupply missions will unlock the corresponding missions if a MOC is bought.

Purchase notification
Your new Mobile Operations Center is now available.
Go to your Bunker Blips-GTAO-Bunker.png to modify your Mobile Operations Center. You can also request it nearby via the Mobile Operations Center section of the Interaction Menu.
Access the touch screen computer inside the Mobile Operations Center to launch missions for Agent 14.
Congratulations on your Mobile Op Center purchase. Can't tell you how long I've spent in one of those...
So long as it [Spoken:So long it] reeks of breakfast burritos and broken relationships... but, anyway... there's some work on the terminal in there. Go in and log on for details.
— Agent 14
Address the touch screen computer inside the Mobile Operations Center to launch a mission for Agent 14.
Hey, now that you've settled into your new place, how about getting to work?
Log onto the terminal in your Mobile Ops Center and I'll tell you which problems need solving.
— Agent 14's call on finishing enough resupply missions

List of missions

Mobile Operations Missions
Image Name Resupplies Vehicles Enemies
Severe Weather Patterns 2 Dune FAV* (MG and Minigun configurations) Merryweather Security
Half-track Bully 4 Half-track* (MG configuration) Kkangpae
Exit Strategy 6 Nightshark
Anti-Aircraft Trailer* (MG, AA missile and Flak cannon configurations)
Offshore Assets 8 APC* (Cannon configuration) Merryweather Security
Cover Blown 10 Hauler Custom
Mobile Operations Center (Front and rear turrets)
Merryweather Security
Mole Hunt 12 Weaponized Tampa* (Heavy armor upgrade and fully-upgraded weapon system) Merryweather Security
Data Breach 14 Oppressor (missile configuration) Merryweather Security
Work Dispute Unlocked by completing Data Breach Oppressor* (missile configuration) International Affairs Agency

*Denotes vehicle that will have a price discount unlocked by completion of the mission as the leader.

Getting started

Inside a Mobile Operations Center, one can find an LCD screen with a username and password verification. The player needs to access it and a "Mobile Operations" screen appears, select the desired mission and click on the "Launch Mission" button. A confirmation message will appear on the screen if the player desires to start the mission. If confirmed, a lobby screen appears as in every match. Once done, the host can confirm to initiate the Mobile Operations mission.

In the mission

"Mobile Operations" missions will vary depending of the mission itself. In six missions, the crew will require to use the weaponized vehicle and in two of them, they have to retrieve it. However, players must have good coordination, as these missions often requires teamwork, mainly for turreted vehicles and coordinated tactics, such as defending another player from enemies. Having the necessary shooting and driving skills, these missions will be fairly easy to complete.


Man oh man. That looks insane. I'm almost upset we had to wipe all footage of the incident off every device on the grid. If you did want to relive those times though, that Weaponized Vehicle's just dropped in price for you on Warstock.
— Agent 14's call after host's first completed Mobile Op

The vehicles will have the option for a trade price unlocked by completing certain designated missions. Unlike most other Warstock vehicles, these are all Personal Vehicles and require garage space to store. Note that every vehicle with a missile configuration will have limited capacity.



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