"In my day there was none of this obsession with ethnic diversity. Actors got roles on merit. We just happened to all be white."
―Mitch Dexter

Mitch Dexter is an actor in the Vinewood film industry in Grand Theft Auto V.


Dexter's best-known role was in the 1968 film Nelson in Naples. However, his career stalled following this and he never appeared in any subsequent major Vinewood film, appearing only in B-movies. Because of this, Dexter has been accused of "dining out" on his role in Nelson in Naples.

According to the website, at least one model was found floating dead in the pool of Dexter's mansion in Vinewood Hills during the 1960s.

In 1975, Dexter was one of the suspects in Leonora Johnson's murder. It was rumored that he and Leonora had a brief relationship in the summer of 1969, though in a Daily Globe interview in December 1974, Leonora claimed a "high-profile" Vinewood celebrity "took advantage" of her on her 17th birthday.

The website claims that Dexter had an "extremely misanthropic" personality and "explosive temper".

Mitch Dexter is one of the honored celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.


  • He has an account on Bleeter and will sometimes bleet during the storyline.
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