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This is a list of missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There are 38 story missions, 19 asset missions, 6 racing missions, 5 phone missions, 3 stadium missions, 4 off-road missions, 3 remote-controlled missions, 1 sparrow mission, and 8 side missions for a total of 87 missions.

Story Missions


Title Location Description Rewards
In The Beginning...
After escaping an ambushed drug deal with Vance brothers, drive to the Ocean View Hotel. Ocean View Hotel Safehouse

Sonny Forelli

Title Location Description Rewards
An Old Friend.png
An Old Friend
Ocean View Hotel, Ocean Beach Call Sonny Forelli. N/A

Ken Rosenberg

Title Location Description Rewards
The Party.png
The Party
K. Rosenberg & Co., Washington Beach, Vice City Beach Meet Juan Cortez at a party on his yacht, where you are introduced to Ricardo Diaz, and then take Mercedes Cortez over to The Pole Position Club. $100
Soiree Outfit
Back Alley Brawl.png
Back Alley Brawl
K. Rosenberg & Co., Washington Beach, Vice City Beach Kill Leo Teal and then visit Ammu-Nation with Lance Vance. $200
Jury Fury.png
Jury Fury
K. Rosenberg & Co., Washington Beach, Vice City Beach Intimidate two jury members in Giorgio Forelli's fraud trial. $400
K. Rosenberg & Co., Washington Beach, Vice City Beach Cause a riot to bankrupt a delivery company. $1000
Coveralls Outfit
Baseball Bat available in Bunch of Tools

Avery Carrington

Title Location Description Rewards
Four Iron.png
Four Iron
Avery Construction Site, Vice Point, Vice City Beach Kill Avery's business rival at the Leaf Links country club. $500
Leaf Links Country Club
Country Club Outfit
Demolition Man.png
Demolition Man
Avery Construction Site, Vice Point, Vice City Beach Blow up a building using an RC helicopter. $1000

Juan Cortez

Title Location Description Rewards
Treacherous Swine.png
Treacherous Swine
Cortez's Yacht, Ocean Bay Marina, Vice City Beach Chase Gonzales out of his penthouse in Vice Point and kill him for leaking information. $250
Casual Outfit
Mall Shootout
Cortez's Yacht, Ocean Bay Marina, Vice City Beach Meet up with Pierre La Ponce at the North Point Mall, escape French military intelligence operatives, and chase and kill Pierre, retrieving some stolen military technology. $500
Guardian Angels
Cortez's Yacht, Ocean Bay Marina, Vice City Beach After collecting some special firepower from the multi-storey car park in Washington Beach and meeting Lance Vance, protect Ricardo Diaz from the Haitians in a drug deal with the Cubans and collect his money. $1000
Access to Starfish Island
Ability to gain five-star wanted level

Ricardo Diaz

Title Location Description Rewards
The Chase
Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island Chase one of Diaz's dealers, who has been skimming from him, to his hideout on Prawn Island. $1000
Phnom Penh '86
Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island Kill the dealer and his associates while flying in a helicopter, and then retrieve the stolen money from the mansion on Prawn Island. $2000
The Fastest Boat
Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island Steal a speedboat from the boatyard. $4000
Supply & Demand
Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island Complete a drug deal before other prospective buyers can purchase the goods, and then take out all of the gunmen in a speedboat chase. $10000
Black Tracksuit appears outside Jocksport in Downtown.

Avery Carrington

Title Location Description Rewards
Two Bit Hit
Avery Construction Site, Vice Point, Vice City Beach Disguise as a Cuban gang member and ambush the funeral of a Haitian gang lieutenant, killing his successor to start a gang war between the Cubans and the Haitians. $2500
Havana Outfit

Juan Cortez

Title Location Description Rewards
Sir, Yes Sir!
Cortez's Yacht, Ocean Bay Marina, Vice City Beach Hijack an army tank and deliver it to a lockup before the tank explodes. $2000

Kent Paul

Title Location Description Rewards
Death Row
Malibu Club, Vice Point, Vice City Beach Save Lance Vance from Ricardo Diaz's men at the junkyard, and then take him to the hospital before he bleeds out. N/A

Lance Vance

Title Location Description Rewards
Rub Out GTAVC TVLV.png
Rub Out
Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island Infiltrate Diaz's mansion with Lance and kill Ricardo Diaz. $50,000
Vercetti Estate
Ability to gain six-star wanted level
More weapons available at Downtown Ammu-Nation

Juan Cortez

Title Location Description Rewards
All Hands On Deck!
Cortez's Yacht, Ocean Bay Marina, Vice City Beach Help Juan Cortez escape French military intelligence on his yacht. $5000

Lance Vance

Title Location Description Rewards
Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island Intimidate shop owners at the North Point Mall into paying protection money. $2000
.308 Sniper available at Ammu-Nation
Assets available to purchase
Bar Brawl
Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island Drive DBP Security out of Ocean Beach. $4,000
SPAS 12 available at Ammu-Nation
Cop Land
Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island Blow up a store in the mall while posing as a cop. $10000
Vercetti Estate generating up to $5000 a day

Umberto Robina

Title Location Description Rewards
Stunt Boat Challenge
Café Robina, Little Havana Complete a boat race. $1000
Cannon Fodder
Café Robina, Little Havana Ambush a drug deal between the Sharks and the Haitians. $2000
Naval Engagement
Café Robina, Little Havana Steal a drug shipment. $4000

Auntie Poulet

Title Location Description Rewards
Juju Scramble
Little Haiti, Vice City Collect several packages full of "juju" scattered around Little Haiti. $1000
Bombs Away!
Little Haiti, Vice City Drop bombs on Cuban drug dealers using RC planes. $2000
Dirty Lickin's
Little Haiti, Vice City Snipe dead some Cuban gang members before they beat the Haitians in a street fight. $5000

Umberto Robina

Title Location Description Rewards
Trojan Voodoo
Café Robina, Little Havana Infiltrate and blow up a Haitian drug factory. $10000

Love Fist

Title Location Description Rewards
Love Juice
V-Rock Recording Studio, Downtown, Vice City Buy drugs for the band and bring Mercedes Cortez to Love Fist's studio. $2000
Psycho Killer
V-Rock Recording Studio, Downtown, Vice City Kill an obsessed stalker. $4000

Mitch Baker

Title Location Description Rewards
Alloy Wheels of Steel
The Greasy Chopper, Downtown, Vice City Win a bike race around Downtown Vice City. $1000
Messing with the Man
The Greasy Chopper, Downtown, Vice City Cause havoc on the streets to prove yourself to Mitch. $2000
Hog Tied
The Greasy Chopper, Downtown, Vice City Retrieve Mitch's stolen Angel from the Sharks. $4000

Love Fist

Title Location Description Rewards
Publicity Tour
V-Rock Recording Studio, Downtown, Vice City Drive around in the band's limo while Love Fist defuses a bomb planted by the obsessed stalker. $8,000
Love Fist Limo spawn point (subsequent versions only except PlayStation 4)

Print Works

Title Location Description Rewards
Cap the Collector
Vice City Print Works, Little Havana Kill the collectors taxing your businesses. $30000

Tommy Vercetti

Title Location Description Rewards
Keep Your Friends Close...
Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island Kill Lance Vance and Sonny Forelli. $30000
Hunter spawns in Fort Baxter Air Base

Asset Missions

Note: In order to unlock the final missions in the story line, it is necessary to buy at least six asset properties, one of which must be the Print Works, and complete their respective missions. Phil Cassidy's place does not count towards this six. Once this is accomplished, assuming Cop Land has also been completed, the penultimate mission Cap the Collector is unlocked.


Title Location Description Rewards
Checkpoint Charlie
Boatyard, Viceport Recover drug packages scattered across the ocean. $5000
$50000 if all races are completed
Asset generates up to $2000 a day

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

Title Location Description Rewards
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, Little Havana Sell drugs to the people of Vice City from the cover of an ice cream van. After selling to 50 customers, the mission is completed. Asset generates up to $3000 a day

The Pole Position Club

  • Enjoy a private dance in the back room. After spending $ 300, the mission is completed.

Sunshine Autos

Title Location Description Rewards
Sunshine Autos Import.jpg
Sunshine Autos Import Garage
A+B Auto garage, Vice City Steal cars to complete the lists. Various

InterGlobal Film Studio

Title Description Rewards
Recruitment Drive
Recruit Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez for the production of a pornographic film. $1000
Dildo Dodo
Drop fliers advertising the film a Skimmer seaplane. $2000
Martha's Mug Shot
Acquire incriminating pictures of Alex Shrub. $4000
Arrange a huge publicity stunt involving a rooftop spotlight. $8000
Film Asset generates up to $7000 a day

Kaufman Cabs

Title Description Rewards
Deliver a fare to the airport. $1000
Friendly Rivalry
Destroy three cabs from a rival company. $2000
Survive the rival cab company's retaliation and take out their leader. $5000
Zebra Cab

Print Works

Title Description Rewards
Spilling the Beans
Raid a ship in the docks and extract information on counterfeit plates from the head of the Vice City Triads. $2000
Hit the Courier
Kill the courier and steal the counterfeit plates. $5000
Asset generates up to $8000 daily

Malibu Club

Title Description Rewards
No Escape?
Break Cam Jones out of jail. $1000
The Shootist
Beat Phil Cassidy in a shooting contest. $2000
Shooting Range
The Driver
Beat Hilary King in a street race. $3000
The Job
Rob the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank. $50,000
Bank Job Outfit

Phil Cassidy

Title Description Rewards
Gun Runner
Kill the gun runner Pedro Garcia and collect weapons for Phil. $2000 + $100 for every of Garcia's men killed
Boomshine Saigon
Rush Phil Cassidy to a surgeon. $4000
Weapons purchasable from Phil's Place

Vice Street Racer

The player's entrance fee represents a wager in the purse against three NPC drivers - win to quadruple your investment.

Pay Phone Missions

Mr. Black

Title Location Description Rewards
Road Kill
Washington Mall, Washington Beach, Vice City Assassinate Carl Pearson. $500
Waste the Wife.png
Waste the Wife
Vice Point, Vice City Assassinate Mrs. Dawson. $2000
Washington Beach, Vice City Assassinate Mike Griffin, Dick Tanner, Franco Carter, Marcus Hammond, Nick Kong and Charlie Dilson. $4000
Check Out at the Check In
Escobar International Airport, Vice City Assassinate a businessman at the airport and deliver a briefcase he's carrying to the Downtown Ammu-Nation. $8000
Loose Ends
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, Little Havana, Vice City Sabotage a deal between the Sharks and the FBI. $16000

Hyman Memorial Stadium Missions

Sparrow Missions

Off-Road Missions

Remote Controlled Vehicle Missions

Other Missions

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