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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.
Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

This is a comprehensive list of storyline missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are 100 missions in total (101 including the opening sequence), which makes this game the Grand Theft Auto singleplayer title with most missions.

Los Santos Missions[]

Protagonist Carl Johnson returns home to Los Santos and needs to reestablish himself in the neighborhood. Years previously, the death of his brother, Brian Johnson, was blamed on him by his elder brother, Sweet, and Carl moved away for a fresh start in Liberty City. Following the death of his mother in a drive-by shooting by the Ballas, he returns and decides to stay for good. Missions involve him working for the prominent members of the Grove Street Families: his brother Sweet, the childhood friend and junkie Ryder, and cryptic childhood friend, Big Smoke. Other than those three, CJ participates in illicit street racing with his sister Kendl's boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando, who faces a lot of prejudice from Sweet, who looks down on Cesar being Mexican. CJ also does missions for OG Loc, a GSF associate obsessed with his "gangsta" rapper image, but in reality, his crimes range from parking fines to joyriding. Meanwhile, C.R.A.S.H., led by Officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, exploit CJ into doing their dirty work, under the threat of framing him for Officer Pendelbury's murder, which they committed themselves.

There are 29 missions (including the opening sequence) in Los Santos.

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA Carl Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
In the Beginning
Carl Johnson returns to Los Santos after living in Liberty City for five years. His brother Sweet Johnson informs him about his mother's death. When he reaches home, he gets captured by C.R.A.S.H. officers, who take his money and force him into their car before throwing him out within a Ballas territory.
  • Make the way back to Grove Street to receive the first mission.
Big Smoke
Carl enters his home at Grove Street, where he recalls his childhood memories and finds his deceased mother's photo. Carl reunites with his childhood friend Big Smoke, who promises to avenge his mother's death by finding the killer.
  • Meet Big Smoke inside the Johnson House.
Sweet & Kendl
Carl and Big Smoke go to a cemetery, where Carl reunites with his siblings Sweet and Kendl. Sweet blames Carl for their mother's death and explains what happened when Carl fled the city. As the gang leaves the cemetery, they are ambushed by the Ballas. They head back to Grove Street while escaping the Ballas.
  • Arrive at the cemetery in Temple and escape from a Ballas car using a BMX.
Johnson House

Radar-RyderIcon-GTASA Ryder[]

Title Description Rewards
Carl reunites with Ryder at his house on Grove Street. Ryder suggests that Carl should improve his physical appearance, so he makes him get a haircut. Afterwards, they try to deal with a pizzeria owner who keeps on spraying over Grove Street tags. Respect
Tattoo Parlors

Radar-SweetIcon-GTASA Sweet Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
Tagging Up Turf
Carl visits Sweet and Big Smoke at Sweet's house. Sweet questions Carl about what made him return to the hood, and gives him a spray can to let him spray over some enemy graffiti. Sweet, however, changes his mind and decides to help him. Respect
Spray Can inside the Johnson House
Cleaning the Hood
Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder are discussing the rise in crack cocaine in the city. After a brief argument, Ryder and CJ decide to take care of the business. Respect
Big Smoke, Sweet, and Ryder go to eat, and CJ joins them. They head to Cluckin' Bell and get some orders. While eating, they spot the same Ballas who chased them earlier heading towards Grove Street.
  • Visit Cluckin' Bell and stop the Ballas from getting to Grove Street.
Nines and AK's
CJ finds out that Grove Street Families currently have no weapons to defend themselves. Big Smoke and CJ go to pay a visit to Emmet, a member of Seville Boulevard Families, to practice some shooting.
  • Visit Emmet for some target practice and buy clothes at a Binco shop.
Binco, Sub Urban and ProLaps clothing
Ryder complains about CJ's driving skills, saying that CJ always crashes cars. Sweet, however, allows CJ to drive, while he, Ryder, and Big Smoke will ride shotgun. The gang drives to a territory of the Ballas for a drive-by.
  • Perform drive-by shootings on the Ballas.
Sweet's Girl
CJ gets a phone call from Sweet who says that he and his girlfriend are trapped by the Seville Boulevard Families. CJ heads to rescue them before they die.
  • Save Sweet and his girl from an onslaught of the Seville Boulevard Families gang members.
Cesar Vialpando
Sweet and Kendl argue about Kendl's relationship with Mexican gangster Cesar Vialpando, the Varrios Los Aztecas leader. Sweet tells Carl to keep an eye on her to avoid any danger. $50-$1,000 (based on the wager)
Loco Low Co.
Lowrider Challenge

Radar-SmokeIcon-GTASA Big Smoke[]

Title Description Rewards
OG Loc
OG Loc is released from prison and CJ, Sweet, and Big Smoke go to the police station to pick him up. Loc reveals that a Mexican gangster, Freddy, raped him in jail and stole his rhymes. Loc goes to confront Freddy at his house. Respect
Running Dog
Smoke tells CJ that his cousin is arriving in the city from Mexico and he's going to pick her up. CJ and Smoke drive to East Los Santos where they confront two Vagos gangsters. After an argument between them, Smoke kills one member while CJ chases the other.
  • Chase down and kill a Los Santos Vagos gang member.
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Smoke informs CJ about a deal between the Vagos and San Fierro Rifa and decides to crash their meeting. After arriving at Unity Station, however, the Vagos attempt to escape by train, and Smoke and CJ give chase to stop them.
  • Disrupt a gang meeting and follow a train.
Just Business
Big Smoke has some business to take care of and goes with CJ to the Atrium in Commerce. After getting inside, they fight against the Russian Mafia.
  • Help Big Smoke fight against the Russian Mafia in the Atrium and then escape from them using the sewer system.

Radar-RyderIcon-GTASA Ryder[]

Title Description Rewards
Home Invasion
Ryder can't find the drugs he buried inside his lawn. He asks Carl to steal weapon crates from a war veteran living in East Beach. At 22:00, they go for the robbery.
  • Rob a war veteran living in East Beach for weapons crates.
After failing to find the stuff he buried, Ryder prepares his drugs. C.R.A.S.H. arrives and informs that an ammo train will be arriving shortly at East Los Santos. However, when CJ and Ryder get to the location, the Vagos and the Ballas can be seen attempting to rob the train as well.
  • Steal crates of weapons from a train.
Robbing Uncle Sam
Ryder tells CJ that the army has many weapons. They both head to an army base in Ocean Docks to steal the army weapons.
  • Raid a National Guard base in the Ocean Docks area.

Radar-CesarIcon-GTASA Cesar Vialpando[]

Title Description Rewards
High Stakes, Low-Rider
CJ visits Cesar at his house and Cesar explains to him the rules of the street race they both are competing in.
  • Race Cesar Vialpando and other racers in the Lowrider Race.

Radar-OGLocIcon-GTASA OG Loc[]

Title Description Rewards
Life's a Beach
CJ visits OG Loc, who is working at the Burger Shot in Marina. Loc is planning to host a house party, but he lacks a sound system. He tells CJ to steal a sound van from a beach party.
  • Steal a sound system Pony for OG Loc's house party.
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Although Loc has the sound system, he doesn't have rhymes to read for rapping. Loc asks CJ to steal a rhyme book owned by rapper Madd Dogg, which is found inside his mansion.
  • Steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book.
Management Issues
Now that Loc has what he wants for his party, he still isn't satisfied. Loc reveals that Madd Dogg's manager Alan Crawford is preventing Loc from getting into music, becoming Loc's huge problem. Loc wants the manager killed. Respect
House Party
OG Loc quits the janitor job and decides to go back to prison, but wants to have the party before. He tells CJ to prepare everything for the party. CJ visits the party, but soon gets warned about an incoming attack from the Ballas on Grove Street. CJ and Sweet defend it.
  • Visit OG Loc's party and protect Grove Street from a Ballas attack.

Radar-CRASHIcon-GTASA C.R.A.S.H.[]

Title Description Rewards
Burning Desire
CJ reluctantly meets C.R.A.S.H at the doughnut shop. Tenpenny informs CJ about a Vagos gang member who is trying to get in their way and orders CJ to kill him.
  • Burn down a Vagos member's house and rescue a girl.
Denise Robinson as a girlfriend
Gray Imports
Tenpenny informs CJ about a deal between the Ballas and Russians at the warehouse in Ocean Docks, and orders CJ to destroy the deal by killing the dealer.
  • Kill a Russian arms dealer.

Radar-SweetIcon-GTASA Sweet Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
After a phone call from Sweet, CJ heads to Ammu-Nation to purchase some firearms to kill a former GSF member, who betrayed them and joined Ballas. Respect
Gang Warfare
Los Sepulcros
The Ballas are holding a funeral for Little Weasel. Sweet and CJ decide to disrupt the funeral to kill the leader of the Front Yard Ballas.
  • Raid the funeral and kill the Ballas gang leader.
Reuniting the Families
Sweet decides to reunite all the Grove Street gang sets that have been split up, as the Ballas have been dealing with the drugs for too long. The gang heads to Jefferson Motel where all the sets meet, but shortly after, they are ambushed by the police.
  • Take Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder to the meet to reunite the Grove Street Families and escape from the police.
The Green Sabre
Following the Grove Street Families reunion, Sweet decides to put justice against the Ballas. Sweet tells CJ to meet him at the gunfight between GSF and Ballas, but CJ is forced to meet Cesar, who reveals to him Big Smoke and Ryder's true colors.
  • Witness Smoke and Ryder's betrayal, then rush to rescue Sweet.
Access to Flint County, Whetstone, and San Fierro

Countryside Missions (Red County, Flint County, Whetstone)[]

CJ has stumbled onto something that is much bigger than himself. It appears that Grove Street Family member, and childhood friend Big Smoke, is in an alliance with Tenpenny, and helps demolish the established influence and territory of the GSF (allowing the Ballas to take over as the dominant gang in the city) in exchange for money and powerful connections. Tenpenny warns CJ to stay away from Big Smoke, otherwise Sweet, who was arrested, will suffer in prison. Tenpenny has a few loose ends that need to be taken care of, and Carl takes care of them while trying to keep himself and his sister out of danger. Unknown to Tenpenny, Carl attempts to gain money and connection through robberies with his sister's boyfriend's cousin, Catalina.

There are 14 missions in the countryside (including 4 missions that are cutscenes for the robbery missions).

Radar-CRASHIcon-GTASA C.R.A.S.H.[]

Title Description Rewards
After CJ is arrested and taken away from Los Santos, Tenpenny wants CJ to do tasks for him for Sweet's safety. In his first task, CJ has to kill an informant who has some information about Tenpenny and is hiding at Mount Chiliad guarded by the FBI.
  • Take out an FBI witness for Tenpenny.

Radar-CatalinaIcon-GTASA Catalina[]

Title Description Rewards
First Date
Cesar calls CJ to tell him about his cousin, who can help him. CJ meets Cesar's cousin, Catalina, who gives him four targets for robberies that they will perform.
  • Meet Cesar's cousin. NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Tanker Commander is recommended, because this mission takes place in Dillimore, which is the player's location, removing the need to travel to Dillimore and then away from it).
Tanker Commander

Radar-TruthIcon-GTASA The Truth[]

Title Description Rewards
Body Harvest
Tenpenny introduces The Truth to CJ and tells CJ to pay Truth for the weed. Before the payment, he wants CJ to steal a combine harvester from a farm in Flint County.
  • Steal a Combine Harvester for The Truth.

Radar-CesarIcon-GTASA Cesar Vialpando[]

Title Description Rewards
King in Exile
CJ meets Cesar and Kendl inside the trailer in Angel Pine. Cesar informs CJ about some suspicious drug shipments across Los Santos and San Fierro. CJ tells Cesar to lay low while he will take care of them whenever he spots them.
  • Meet Cesar and Kendl again.

Radar-CatalinaIcon-GTASA Catalina[]

Title Description Rewards
First Base
Catalina is furious at CJ for abandoning the robberies. CJ apologizes to her. While initially angry at him, Catalina shows some love toward CJ.
  • NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Local Liquor Store is recommended).
Local Liquor Store
Gone Courting
Catalina shows her love for CJ by torturing him.
  • NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Against All Odds is recommended).
Against All Odds
Made in Heaven
Catalina tells CJ that she does not love him anymore and wants to be just his partner.
  • NOTE: Choose a Robbery mission listed below after the cutscene (Small Town Bank is recommended).
Small Town Bank

Radar-CesarIcon-GTASA Cesar Vialpando[]

Title Description Rewards
Wu Zi Mu
Cesar invites CJ for a race across Red County. Wu Zi Mu, the race organizer, arrives and says that this race will reward the winner with either cash or a pink slip.
  • Race against Wu Zi Mu.
Farewell, My Love...
Catalina confronts CJ again and introduces to him her new boyfriend, Claude. Calling CJ jealous and a coward, Catalina challenges him to a race.
  • Race against Catalina and her new boyfriend, Claude.

Radar-TruthIcon-GTASA The Truth[]

Title Description Rewards
Are You Going to San Fierro?
After being rewarded a garage in San Fierro, CJ meets The Truth at his farm and pays him for the weed. Later, both are ambushed by the police. Truth tells CJ that they must burn the weed and leave the place.
  • Burn down The Truth's cannabis plantation and drive to San Fierro.
5-star wanted level achievable
Safehouses in San Fierro purchasable
Zip clothing available

San Fierro Missions[]

CJ is starting to build his own name in San Fierro while still working for Tenpenny. The Truth, who used to be Tenpenny's supplier before he was double-crossed by him, introduces him to ordinary people with talents to assist him. Woozie, a Chinese Triad leader whom CJ met at a race, gives him work to further establish himself. With the help of Cesar, The Truth, Woozie, and the others, CJ manages to inflict major damage on the drug trade in Los Santos that provides for Smoke's new empire.

There are 26 missions in San Fierro.

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA Carl Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
Wear Flowers in Your Hair
CJ doesn't like the reward he got for winning the race. Cesar and Kendl convince CJ by telling him that they will help him in making it into a garage. The Truth, who listened to the conversation, tells CJ that he has a few friends who can help CJ with the garage.
  • Pick up some friends of The Truth, who can help with the garage.
Zero RC shop purchasable

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA C.R.A.S.H.[]

Title Description Rewards
555 We Tip
CJ receives a phone call from Tenpenny, who informs him about a district attorney who is causing problems for C.R.A.S.H. He tells CJ to secretly plant the weeds he got from The Truth into the DA's car.
  • Frame a district attorney that is causing Tenpenny problems, by posing as a valet and planting drugs in his car.
Valet Uniform available in wardrobe

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA Carl Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
Kendl is angry with the workers at the construction site behind the garage for calling her a hooker. Cesar attempts to confront them, but CJ convinces Cesar to stay with her, telling him that he will take care of this.
  • Get revenge on some builders for calling Kendl a hooker by destroying portable buildings and burying the foreman.

Radar-ZeroIcon-GTASA Zero[]

Title[n 1] Description Rewards
Air Raid
CJ visits Zero at his shop. Zero learns that his long-time rival Berkley is back. Berkley launches a full-scale attack on Zero by using RC Barons to destroy the transmitters on the rooftop.
  • Defend Zero's transmitters from Berkley's bombers.
Supply Lines...
Zero explains to CJ that Berkley humiliated him. CJ tells him to take revenge and asks what weapons Zero has, with Zero saying that he has a miniature plane, which both of them use to go after Berkley.
  • Kill Berkley's delivery boys.
New Model Army
Zero prepares for an ultimate battle against Berkley, where the loser must leave San Fierro for good.
  • Help Zero in an RC war.
Zero RC as an asset

Radar-TriadsIcon-GTASA Cesar Vialpando[]

Title Description Rewards
Photo Opportunity
Cesar spots a Ballas car in Red County heading to San Fierro to buy drugs. After CJ meets Cesar, both head to Angel Pine where the car was seen previously.
  • Photograph the meeting between Ryder and the members of the Loco Syndicate.

Radar-LocoIcon-GTASA Loco Syndicate[]

Title Description Rewards
CJ meets Cesar and Woozie at his garage. Woozie explains to CJ that the people CJ took photos of are the members of the Loco Syndicate, a drug-dealing gang. CJ decides to meet one of the members of Loco Syndicate, the pimp Jizzy B., who is found at the Pleasure Domes in Battery Point.
  • Go and meet Jizzy at his club.
  • Help Jizzy out with his pimping duties.
T-Bone Mendez
Jizzy argues with T-Bone Mendez about Jizzy's cut with the Loco Syndicate. CJ arrives and he is introduced to Mendez, but Mendez discovers that a shipment of drugs has been highjacked by bikers.
  • Retrieve some stolen cash from the bikers.
Mike Toreno
T-Bone receives a call from Mike Toreno, who says that he is in danger and needs help. The van containing the drug shipment is stolen with Toreno still inside. CJ and T-Bone go to rescue Toreno.
  • Find and rescue Mike Toreno.
NOTE: In The Definitive Edition, this particular mission may appear as a Triad mission.

After getting orders from Jizzy, CJ gets in a car in Easter Basin, only to be ambushed by T-Bone from behind, as he suspects CJ to be working for someone else. CJ convinces T-Bone that he is only working for money. Toreno arrives and orders CJ to look after the shipment delivery.

  • Transport drugs past roadblocks.

Radar-WoozieIcon-GTASA Wu Zi Mu[]

Title Description Rewards
Mountain Cloud Boys
CJ meets Woozie at his apartment. Woozie explains that a Triad meeting that happened last time had some Triads missing. Woozie wants to meet those Triads.
  • Escort Woozie to a Triad meeting, then escape the Da Nang Boys.
Ran Fa Li
CJ is introduced to Ran Fa Li, the leader of the Red Gecko Tong. Ran Fa Li explains that the Da Nang Boys are about to move to San Fierro. Woozie plans to stop them by allowing CJ to steal a car with a package inside from the airport.
  • Steal a car from the airport and take it to a lockup, escaping the Da Nang Boys.
The Da Nang Boys are after Ran Fa Li, preventing him from going back home. CJ thinks of a plan to lure the Da Nang Boys by acting as a decoy so that Ran Fa Li and his assistants can leave Chinatown safely.
  • Act as a decoy for Ran Fa Li, and lead the Da Nang Boys on a chase through the countryside.
Amphibious Assault
Woozie plans to plant a bug on a ship owned by the Da Nang boys. He asks CJ to do it, but CJ initially refuses as he is scared of swimming. Woozie admits that he cannot do it as he is blind, leading CJ to finally agree.
  • Plant a bug on a ship of the Da Nang Boys.
The Da Nang Thang
Woozie is informed by his Triad that the Da Nang Boys have arrived with their leader, The Snakehead, on a freighter ship. They brought along some refugees locked inside a container as well. CJ and the Triad launch an attack on the ship.
  • Sneak on board, release some slaves from the ship, and kill The Snakehead.

Radar-CRASHIcon-GTASA C.R.A.S.H.[]

Title Description Rewards
Snail Trail
CJ meets Tenpenny and Pulaski in his office. Tenpenny informs CJ about a journalist who is trying to investigate Pulaski and orders CJ to kill both him and a reporter meeting him.
  • Take out the reporter and the journalist.

Radar-TriadsIcon-GTASA Triads[]

Title Description Rewards
Ice Cold Killa
Woozie has left a message about the meeting between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate, but CJ has to find out where the meeting will take place. The only way to find out is through Jizzy's phone, so CJ decides to kill Jizzy to take his phone and discover the meeting's location.
  • Break into the Pleasure Domes and kill Jizzy B.
Pier 69
CJ finds out that the meeting will take place at Pier 69. CJ and Cesar plan to stop the meeting with help from Woozie's Triads before the deal is successful.
  • Raid a deal between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate to kill T-Bone Mendez and Ryder.
Toreno's Last Flight
Woozie informs CJ that Mike Toreno's helicopter is at the police headquarters about to take off. CJ invades the place to stop the helicopter.
  • Shoot down Mike Toreno's helicopter.
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
The Loco Syndicate has almost come to an end. Woozie says that the only thing left is to destroy the crack factory in Doherty to end the Syndicate for good.
  • Blow up the Loco Syndicate's drug factory.
Access to Tierra Robada, Bone County, and Las Venturas

Radar-SchoolIcon-GTASA School[]

Title[n 1] Description Rewards
Driving School building
Back to School
Learn some advanced driving techniques. Driving skill increased
Super GT (for all Bronze), Bullet (for all Silver) and Hotknife (for all Gold) spawn outside the school
Wang Cars showroom available to purchase

Radar-CesarIcon-GTASA Cesar Vialpando[]

Title[n 1] Description Rewards
Zeroing In
Zero reveals he has prepared a tracking automobile that tracks the cellphone signals made by the driver. CJ uses it to steal a vehicle.
  • Steal a car with the help of a tracking system.
Uranus in Wang Cars showroom
Wheel Arch Angels available
Test Drive
Cesar informs CJ that he has located two more cars on a customer's wishlist. CJ and Cesar drive to an automobile showroom to steal the cars.
  • Steal and test some racing cars with Cesar.
Elegy and Sultan in Wang Cars showroom
Customs Fast Track
Cesar reveals that there is another car that is loaded onto a container in Easter Basin. Cesar and CJ head to the docks to find it. Up to $10,000
Savanna in Wang Cars showroom
Exports and Imports
Puncture Wounds
Cesar is angry because he failed to steal a car, saying that the driver is too fast. CJ plans to use stingers to stop and puncture the car. $5000
Stratum in Wang Cars showroom
Wang Cars showroom as an asset

Desert Missions (Tierra Robada, Bone County)[]

Mike Toreno, a member of a clandestine government organization who CJ originally thought to be involved with the drug ring, reveals that it was a decoy of himself that CJ killed previously. Mike reveals that the Loco Syndicate was a front to finance his agency's operations in Latin America. Toreno tells CJ the truth about Tenpenny's crimes. In return for the assurance that Toreno will keep Sweet safe while in prison and will try to use his connections to release him, CJ will need to do missions for him. This will also serve as a way for CJ to make up for sabotaging Toreno's drug peddling operation. Meanwhile, in the desert, The Truth and CJ do missions involving alien cover-ups by the military.

There are 9 storyline missions in the desert.

Radar-TorenoIcon-GTASA Mike Toreno[]

Title Description Rewards
CJ walks into a mysterious voice, who seems to know about CJ's family. The voice tells CJ that he needs to impress him by driving a Monster Truck within the time limit.
  • Complete a time trial in a Monster Truck.
Money depending on time:
  • $5000 (< 4:20)
  • $4000 (4:20 - 5:00)
  • $3000 (5:00 - 5:30)
  • $2000 (5:30 - 6:00)
  • $1000 (6:00 - 6:30)
Mike Toreno, the man behind the mysterious voice, surprises CJ and reveals his real identity to him. Toreno wants CJ to do some tasks for him, the first one being commandeering a tanker truck.
  • Hijack a tanker and drive it back to Doherty with Cesar.
Mike Toreno explains to CJ his brother's status and Frank Tenpenny's crimes. He states that a cargo helicopter is delivering contraband and wants CJ to collect it by defending the helicopter.
  • Escort and protect Toreno's helicopter, then take the contraband dropped by it.
Verdant Meadows
After CJ successfully does Mike Toreno's favor, Toreno wants him to purchase an abandoned airstrip in Bone County.
  • Purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip in Bone County.
Verdant Meadows Airfield available to purchase
Learning to Fly
Toreno tells CJ to learn to fly by taking flying lessons at the airstrip. CJ initially refuses but accepts after Toreno tells him that this is a step toward his brother's release from prison.
  • Complete the ten Pilot School courses.
Pilot's license (if the player has a low flying skill stat before finishing this mission)
Increased Flying Skill
Rustler spawns at Verdant Meadows
Police Maverick spawns on the roof of the Los Santos Police Headquarters
Raindance spawns on Santa Maria Beach
Stuntplane spawns at Verdant Meadows (if the player has completed all tests with silver medals)
Hunter spawns at the Easter Basin Naval Station (always) and at Verdant Meadows (if the player has completed all tests with gold medals)
Las Venturas safehouses purchasable
6-star wanted level achievable
All aircraft in Easter Bay Airport apart from the Maverick are unlocked
Toreno explains that his agents are in trouble and need some equipment. Toreno wants CJ to deliver a package of equipment using a plane before nightfall.
  • Fly under the radar to Angel Pine and back within the time limit.
A cargo plane arrives at the airstrip with some government agents. Toreno reveals that those people are from a rival agency. Toreno wants CJ to kill all the agents and blow up the plane.
  • Destroy a government plane.

Radar-AirportIcon-GTASA The Truth[]

Title Description Rewards
Black Project
CJ meets The Truth at the airstrip. Truth questions CJ about working for the government and then explains to him about a powerful military base where the Black Project is being developed. The Truth wants CJ to steal the Black Project.
  • Break into Area 69 and steal the Black Project.
Green Goo
The Truth flies the Jetpack that CJ has stolen, but falls off due to being unable to control it. Truth tells CJ to steal unknown stuff from a train using the Jetpack.
  • Using the Jetpack, steal the Green Goo from a train.
Jetpack at Verdant Meadows
Verdant Meadows Airfield as an asset

Las Venturas Missions[]

In Las Venturas, Woozie is about to open a new casino, but it becomes clear that the Sindacco Family, 1/3 of the owners of the Caligula's Casino, is trying to sabotage the Four Dragons. CJ and Woozie plot not only to send the Sindaccos a message, but also plan a heist at Caligula's. Meanwhile, Truth's connections lead CJ to Ken Rosenberg, a lawyer in charge of the business dealings of Caligula's, and later on, Salvatore Leone, Don of the Leone Family. CJ gains the trust of Salvatore to gain inside access, and also to help Ken escape the life-and-death situation of his job. Meanwhile, CJ saves Madd Dogg from attempting to jump from a building (after getting drunk due to his career being over - ironically because CJ secretly stole Madd Dogg's rhyme book earlier).

There are 19 missions in Las Venturas. Six of them are heist missions.

Radar-TraidsCasinoIcon-GTASA Triads[]

Title Description Rewards
Fender Ketchup
Woozie invites CJ to his new business, The Four Dragons Casino, in Las Venturas. CJ meets him at the casino. Woozie explains that the Mafia are causing trouble for his business. Woozie offers CJ a share in the casino, in exchange for CJ's help. A mafia thug was caught and Woozie wants to get rid of him, whereas CJ has another plan in mind.
  • Scare Johnny Sindacco by driving around with him on the car's windscreen.
Explosive Situation
CJ finds out that the Sindacco Family is the main problem for Woozie's casino. Knowing this, Woozie asks CJ to get dynamite from the Hunter Quarry.
  • Steal the dynamite from the Hunter Quarry.
Quarry Missions
You've Had Your Chips
Woozie receives two casino chips and finds out that one of them is fake. An enraged Woozie deduces that the Sindacco Family is behind this, and wants to blow up the chip factory where these chips are made. CJ tells Woozie that he got this.
  • Destroy the Sindacco's fake casino chip-making machines.
Don Peyote
CJ receives a call from The Truth, who says that he went on a peyote safari with a band and something unknowingly happened that led to him being separated from them. Truth tells that they're in Arco del Oeste and asks CJ to go there and check whether the pair are alive or not.
  • Rescue Maccer and Kent Paul from the desert and bring them to Caligula's Palace, escaping the snake farmers.

Radar-CashIcon-GTASA Triads (Robbery)[]

Title[n 1] Description Rewards
Architectural Espionage
Woozie plans a heist at Caligula's Casino. To prepare for that, the first step they need to take is to get the blueprints for the casino. CJ heads to the City Planning Department where the blueprints are located to take a photo of them.
  • Steal the blueprints of Caligula's Casino.
Key to Her Heart
CJ and Woozie got the blueprints. The next step is to get a keycard for the casino that allows access to restricted areas in the casino. The casino's croupier has the keycard, and CJ needs to gain her trust to get the keycard.
  • Gain the affection of Millie Perkins to gain a keycard for the casino.
Millie as a girlfriend
Gimp Suit
Dam and Blast
CJ gained the trust of Millie Perkins and the keycard is yet to be received anytime. The next step is to establish a means of temporarily cutting the power supply to Las Venturas, so that the power could be disabled during the heist. CJ heads to the Sherman Dam to plant explosives on the generators. Respect
Cop Wheels
After planting explosive charges on the generators, CJ's next step is to steal four police bikes that need to be used as outriders for an armored vehicle where the cash is hauled off. CJ heads to steal the bikes within a limited time.
  • Steal four police bikes.
Up, Up and Away!
CJ has stolen the police bikes. His final step is to steal an armored truck that must be used as a getaway vehicle to haul off cash. Instead of gaining suspicion by simple carjacking, the team plans to steal a sky crane to lift the truck. CJ heads to the K.A.C.C. military depot where the sky crane is located.
  • Steal an armored truck using a Leviathan obtained from the K.A.C.C. Military Fuels.
Leviathan at Verdant Meadows

Radar-MafiaIcon-GTASA Mafia[]

Title Description Rewards
Intensive Care
Ken Rosenberg is distressed, stating that he is under pressure from the three mafia families. To make things worse, the Forellis learn that Johnny Sindacco, whom CJ scared previously, is in a coma and they plan to kidnap him. CJ decides to rescue Johnny to keep Rosenberg safe.
  • Rescue Johnny Sindacco from the ambulance hijacked by the Forelli Crime Family.
The Meat Business
Ken Rosenberg is out of distress and decides to visit the Sindacco Family. CJ and Rosie head to the Sindaccos' abattoir to visit Johnny Sindacco, who is recovering from a coma. However, Johnny dies of a heart attack after seeing CJ, the one who put him in this state. The Sindaccos realize the truth and launch an attack on CJ and Rosie.
  • Escape from the meat factory.

Radar-TraidsCasinoIcon-GTASA Triads[]

Title Description Rewards
Fish in a Barrel
CJ and Ran Fa Li meet Woozie at the casino. Woozie makes both of them sign a document to become his partners in the casino.
  • Take co-ownership of the Four Dragons Casino.

Radar-MaddDoggIcon-GTASA Madd Dogg[]

Title Description Rewards
Madd Dogg
CJ finds out that rapper Madd Dogg is attempting suicide because of losing everything as his rhyme book was stolen and his manager was killed. CJ advises him not to do so, but Madd Dogg ignores him and proceeds to jump.
  • Rescue Madd Dogg from a suicide attempt.

Radar-MafiaIcon-GTASA Mafia[]

Title Description Rewards
Salvatore Leone, the leader of the Leone Family, is at Caligula's Casino and meets CJ. He informs CJ that a plane containing Forelli hitmen is arriving at Las Venturas to kill him, and orders CJ to stop them from arriving.
  • Intercept, board, empty, and land a plane full of Forellis.

Radar-CRASHIcon-GTASA C.R.A.S.H.[]

Title Description Rewards
CJ visits C.R.A.S.H. at a house in Prickle Pine. Tenpenny is infuriated about his career coming to an end. He informs CJ about an FBI agent carrying a dossier containing information about their corruption and orders CJ to kill him and get the dossier.
  • Kill some federal agents in Bone County and steal a dossier.
High Noon
CJ gives C.R.A.S.H. the dossier he has stolen and asks if he's done with them, but Tenpenny is still infuriated when he attacks Jimmy Hernandez and berates him for selling them out. He then orders CJ to dig the grave for Hernandez and himself and leaves Pulaski to look after CJ while he's digging. CJ tries to convince Pulaski, but fails as Pulaski kills Hernandez and attempts to escape.
  • Chase and kill Eddie Pulaski.

Radar-MafiaIcon-GTASA Mafia[]

Title Description Rewards
Saint Mark's Bistro
Salvatore congratulates CJ for taking out the Forellis and decides to send CJ to Marco's Bistro to take out Marco Forelli. He also allows CJ to select Paul, Maccer, and Rosenberg as his backups. However, CJ tells the three of them to leave Las Venturas, while he does the task.
  • Fly to Liberty City and kill Marco Forelli and his men.
Didier Sachs

Radar-CashIcon-GTASA Triads (Robbery)[]

Title[n 1] Description Rewards
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
Now that all the preparations are done, it's time for the ultimate heist. CJ and his crew go to rob Caligula's Casino.
  • Rob the Caligula's Casino and escape back to the airstrip.

Radar-TraidsCasinoIcon-GTASA Triads[]

Title Description Rewards
A Home in the Hills
Madd Dogg has recovered and decides to go back to his mansion in Los Santos, but the mansion is seized by the Los Santos Vagos and their leader Big Poppa. CJ decides to permanently return to Los Santos to take back the mansion and use it as his new base of operations.
  • Retake Madd Dogg's Crib and kill Big Poppa.
Madd Dogg's Crib

Return to Los Santos Missions[]

CJ has it all now. After helping Toreno with illegal government missions, Toreno fulfills his promise and uses his connections to release Sweet. CJ wants Sweet to join him in his casino in Las Venturas and his business in San Fierro, but Sweet refuses and wants to re-establish the GSF territory, and with the help of CJ, he does. Tenpenny gets arrested for his crimes in Los Santos, but with the lack of evidence (Pulaski killed Hernandez, and CJ killed Pulaski and many other people who could be used as key witnesses under Tenpenny's orders), Tenpenny is released, making the people turn Los Santos into a rioting city. Amidst the dangerous rioters and fires, CJ manages to find Tenpenny and Smoke, kills Smoke, and chases Tenpenny until he gets into a car accident that kills him.

There are 8 story missions in Los Santos after the return, leading to the end of story.

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA Mike Toreno[]

Title Description Rewards
Vertical Bird
Toreno returns to CJ and requests for another task to be performed by him in exchange for his brother's release from prison. $50000
Hydra at Verdant Meadows
Weapons at Mike Toreno's Ranch
Home Coming
Toreno asks for one final job to be done by CJ, but CJ gets annoyed and threatens to kill him. CJ, however, receives a call from his brother Sweet saying that he has been released from prison. CJ asks Toreno what the job is, with Toreno saying none other than picking up his brother.
  • Pick up Sweet from the police station, take out some drug dealers, and reclaim Ganton from the Ballas.
Gang Warfare reenabled

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA Madd Dogg[]

Title Description Rewards
Cut Throat Business
Madd Dogg finds out that the rival rapper OG Loc is at a video shoot and that the rhymes by Loc are actually from his book that CJ stole for Loc before. CJ and Madd Dogg decide to go to the shoot to interrupt Loc.
  • Chase OG Loc to reclaim Madd Dogg's rhyme book.

Radar-SweetIcon-GTASA Sweet Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
Beat Down on B Dup
Sweet is about to smoke crack from one of B Dup's crack whores and is stopped by CJ. CJ and Sweet go to confront B Dup at his house, only to find out that B Dup has shifted to Glen Park. They then head to Glen Park.
  • Start a gang war to reclaim Glen Park, and then confront B Dup.
Grove 4 Life
Sweet is happy to see the Grove Street Families back. He then comes into an argument with CJ about CJ abandoning Grove Street. CJ admits to it and then both of them set out to put Grove Street back on the map.
  • Claim two areas of Idlewood from the Ballas.

Radar-CJIcon-GTASA Carl Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
CJ and his group find out in the news that Tenpenny is finally arrested due to his corruption, but then, due to lack of evidence, he is released. This leads to riots all over the city.
  • Drive to Grove Street from the mansion and witness the riot.

Radar-SweetIcon-GTASA Sweet Johnson[]

Title Description Rewards
Los Desperados
Cesar asks CJ for help in taking back his hood from the Vagos. CJ says that he is worried about his own hood, but Sweet tells CJ to pay his debts to his friends. Respect
End of the Line
After finding out where Big Smoke is hiding, CJ and Sweet decide to bring justice to the city by eliminating both Smoke and Tenpenny.
  • Take out Big Smoke in his crack palace, and chase down Frank Tenpenny to end things once and for all.

Side Missions[]

Vehicle Missions[]

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Other Missions[]

Transcript Pages[]

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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 These missions are not required to progress the storyline.


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