This is a list of jobs available in Grand Theft Auto 2. None of them are required to complete the game; however, they can help provide the money needed by the player to complete the level. It should be noted that some missions have different names across platforms. The left side is the PC version, while the right side is the PS version of the names of missions.

There´s a total of 67 missions.

1 - These missions are absent in the Game Boy Color version.

Downtown District

Phone Award Yakuza Loonies Zaibatsu
Green 20,000 Get ZitZaki! Radio Za-Za! Cop Car Crush!
Bank Robbery! Pizza Cake! Wheeler-Dealing!
Yellow 40,000 Happy Gas Smash! Who's Mad? Yutes Must Die!
Get Gama Rei!1 Destroy J-Lab!1 Lick Those Loonies!1
Follow That Traitor!1 Dimentia To Go!1 Big Bank Job!1
Red 60,000 SWAT Van Swipe! Taxi Drivers Must Die! Armored Car Clash!
Stop the Tank!1 Gang War A-Go-Go!1 Bank Van Theft!1
The Final Job!

Residential District

Phone Award Rednecks Scientists Zaibatsu
Green 30,000 Double-Cross Crush! / Gang Car Bang! Sink Or Swim! / Pickup 'N' Drown! Fire Truck Fun! / Flame-It!1
Blow Job! / Blow-Up! Fake Truce! Science Friction! / SRS Destruction!
Yellow 50,000 Benson Burner!1 LaBrat's Plan! Valdez Alert!1
Greatest Hits! / In Too Deep! Gran'pa We Love You! / Race 'N' Kidnap! Operation Z!
Tanks-Giving! / Second Hand Tank!1 Redneck Attack!1 Law Enforcement Larceny! / Cop Stealin'!
Red 70,000 Gang Car Bang! Taxi For Traitors! / RC Taxi!1 Murder At The Mall! / Mall Murder!
Penal Ties!1 Water Carry On! / The Dam!1 Distraction Action! / Decoy Trailer!1
The Final Job!

Industrial District

Phone Award Russian Mafia Hare Krishna Zaibatsu
Green 40,000 Hot Dog Homicide! / R.S.L. Bows!1 De-Construction Yard! It was an Accident!1
Mmm, Russian Sailors! / Russian Sailors!! Cop Car Crush! / Police Car Scrap! Grand Theft Auto!
Yellow 60,000 Karma Assassins!! Sunbeam Contract!1 Payback!
Tanks A Lot!1 Cossack Conversion! Gang War!
Officer Down! Conversion Evasion!1 Lock Out!1
Red 80,000 Vedic Massacre!1 Rooftop Rescue!1 I'd Like A Tank Please, Bob!
Super Grass Rescue! Power Station! Army Base Alert!1
The Final Job!


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