The Missionary Hill Transmitter Building is a unnamed building in in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Missionary Hill, San Fierro.


The building appears to be unnamed, however its filename, transmitbldg_sfs, suggests that the building is a transmitter building. The transmitter building is the only building at the peak of the Missionary Hill. The area of the building consists of a parking lot, two Final Build Construction huts, power generators and a large radio tower behind the building. The rooftop consists of six vents, three satellite dishes and a radio antenna. The building is a possible headquarters for the SAN News.

A Newsvan may be seen parked as well a random vehicle in the parking lot and a Camera can be also found near the Newsvan.

This location is the ending point of the first Beat the Cock! triathlon event that starts in Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos.


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