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The Mission Row Police Station is a branch of the Los Santos Police Department in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The police station is a modern three-story building, demarcated by Sinner Street, Vespucci Boulevard, Atlee Street and Little Bighorn Avenue in Mission Row, Downtown Los Santos. Like other police stations in the game, the Mission Row Police Station serves as a respawn point if the player is busted in the area. It is also the location for the Impound Garage in Grand Theft Auto V.

This is the only accessible station in Grand Theft Auto V and it is the first police station to be accessible in the HD Universe. In GTA V, the player can enter it through any door. In GTA Online, however, one can only enter via the roof and back door after the Heists Update. The main front doors and the roof-access doors remain locked. The unlocked doors could be found when entering the station from the east, where the small automatic gate opens, the doors are down some stairs. The doors were re-locked after the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 Update, rendering the interior inaccessible outside of missions/events.

Gunfights and car chases will often occur outside the station. If a chase begins, it is not uncommon for police to commandeer the player's vehicle and drive away in it. To avoid this, don't park in the parking spaces outside the station.

If the player listens carefully while standing in the lobby, sounds of typing, phones ringing, and even police radio broadcasts are heard here. However, these barely sound if the traffic on the street corner is noisy. The police scanner is also present in the building, albeit with less quotes, at just 16.[1]

This is one of the only stations where female uniformed police officers spawn, since no female officers spawn in an emergency vehicle when the player has a wanted level. When the player has a wanted level and the female officer manages to get in a vehicle to chase the player, she will also use her megaphone and say her unique lines to tell the player to stop the car.

During the Police Station Business Battle in GTA Online, a female plain-clothes officer or detective will spawn inside the Captain's office using a generic NPC model. She will fire a Pistol at the player, like a Police Officer but she drops cash when killed, like a pedestrian.

As a restricted area

Along with attacking an officer, inside or outside the station, going behind the desk in the main lobby or climbing the stairs in the back will instantly grant the player a 3 star wanted level. If any NPCs are attacked in the lobby, a 2 star wanted level will be attained.

Flying over the station in Story Mode will have the player receive a warning that they are flying over a restricted airspace and will be shot down. Although nothing is used to shoot down the player if they linger, a 2-star wanted level will be attained after the warning is given, but will escalate to 3 if the player ignores the warning and either lingers around the station's airspace and/or lands on the roof.


The Mission Row Police Station is modeled after the LAPD Olympic Station in Los Angeles. The LAPD has an actual police station and division called Mission, which is most likely imitated in Grand Theft Auto V. In addition, the station bears a close resemblance to the Weazel News Building in Little Seoul, which is also based on the LAPD Olympic Station.


A body armor and a Sprunk vending machine are located inside the reception area, making this a handy health and armor-regenerating location for the characters, particularly Franklin, whose initial safehouse is the closest.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online


The following vehicles can be found at the Mission Row Police Station: 

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Interceptor (If the player or another player near by has a wanted level)
  • Police Cruiser (rarely)



  • Bumping into NPCs in the lobby may result in one or more of them attacking the player. Even talking to them will somehow trigger other NPCs to engage combat. If the player doesn’t react to the NPC after being hit, the cops will swarm shoot the attacker.


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  2. The mugshot room is located in the underground level of the Mission Row Police Station. The location is seen in the top-down perspective loading screen if the player cancels the Character Creation by returning to GTA V.