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Now, there's a ruined town out west of here. Aldea Malvada. And there's some piece of shit DEA officer meeting with an FBI agent with a dossier. Now you get the dossier and you make both of them disappear!
Frank Tenpenny

Misappropriation is a mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Officer Frank Tenpenny in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl visits C.R.A.S.H. at their house in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas and finds the duo getting a grill ready. Things start out normal, but a paranoid Tenpenny reveals that their careers are in jeopardy and Tenpenny needs Carl to get a dossier containing dirt on the duo and kill the DEA and FBI agents.

Carl heads to Aldea Malvada and intercepts the meeting, killing the enemies and claiming the dossier.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Kill the target and grab the evidence dossier
  • The target is dead and has dropped the evidence dossier, grab it before anyone else does


Like all missions for Tenpenny, there is no reward. Though the mission High Noon is unlocked if the mission Freefall is also completed.


Carl Johnson visits C.R.A.S.H. at their house in Prickle Pine, where he finds Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski preparing a grill.
Tenpenny: Hello, Carl. Been a long time, huh?
CJ: (sarcastically) Yeah, I was starting to miss you, guys.
Tenpenny: Now, why don't I believe you? Get over here!
CJ walks closer to Tenpenny and Pulaski.
Tenpenny: Now things have developed since the last time we met. Despite our best efforts, the gig's nearly up.
CJ: I'm sure you'll find some way to keep your badge, your kind always do.
Tenpenny: You still don't get, do you, Carl? This ain't about keeping some fucking badge!
Pulaski: Hey, listen to the man.
Tenpenny: We're all the same, Carl - you, me. We're all trying to pull ourselves out of the hole. Somebody steps on me, I gotta step on you.
Pulaski: Where's Hernandez with that fucking meat? He's been gone too long, Tenpenny.
CJ: (laughs) Getting a little edgy, fellas?
Tenpenny punches CJ in the stomach.
Tenpenny: How'd you like that, you piece of shit?! That give you any idea how edgy I am?
Pulaski fires up the grill with a huge fireball.
Pulaski: Whoa! What the fuck?!
Tenpenny: Get up, bitch!
CJ gets up.
Tenpenny: You paying attention? Now, there's a ruined town out west of here, Aldea Malvada. And there's some piece of shit DEA officer meeting with an FBI agent with a dossier. Now you get the dossier and you make both of them disappear.
CJ walks off and heads to Aldea Malvada, where the target is guarded by DEA and FBI agents. He kills the targets and gets the dossier.

Post-Mission Phone Call

NOTE: This phone call will not happen right after this mission if the player hasn't completed Freefall yet, but will happen after completing that mission.

Frank Tenpenny: Carl! You got that dossier?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I got the files. What you want me to do with 'em?

Frank Tenpenny: We need to meet up someplace quiet and take care of things. There's a ghost town, Las Brujas in the devil's Castle, you know it?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, I'll find it.

Frank Tenpenny: I know you will. I'll see you there. Carl.

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  • Despite Tenpenny telling CJ to kill both the agents, the player only has to kill the agent carrying the dossier.
  • The FBI agents carry AK-47s and Micro-SMGs. This is the only mission in which they use AKs. However, if the player kills the target before he gets into the helicopter, the agents will revert to using Micro-SMGs.
  • If the player plays the mission on the Android version, the grill can be seen jumping on the right side of the screen. The grill can be hidden on the left side of the CRT (if the player plays the mission on PS2/Xbox).
  • The dossier carrier, if unharmed all the time but still in hot pursuit by Carl, will eventually be ran over by a Cheetah on the streets of Las Venturas, making the dossier an easy picking.
  • It is crucial to pick up the dossier before anyone else, because unlike most other missions, other FBI agents will pick up the dossier and escape with it should the original carrier be killed, but for Carl, once he obtains the dossier, the mission instantly passes no matter what.
  • The carrier heli is all-proof and will be locked. It can be obtained by dragging it into the Verdant Meadows hangar using a Tow Truck.