Miriam turner overpass

Miriam Turner Overpass bridge located on the right.

The Miriam Turner Overpass is a tall, green suspension bridge located in the Port of Los Santos that carries four lanes of traffic.

The bridge crosses over from near the airport to the Port of Los Santos and provides access to the Terminal and Elysian Island. It carries the La Puerta Freeway and past the ramp to Elysian Island, it becomes Elysian Fields Freeway and leads to an arch bridge based on the Gerald Desmond Bridge.

It is based on the Vincent Thomas Bridge, that links San Pedro, Los Angeles with Terminal Island.

Events of GTA V

During the mission Father/Son, Michael chases his yacht with Franklin on the Miriam Turner Overpass. Eventually, their car's engine begins to stall, thus making them lose the yacht.

The bridge appears one more time in the freight method of the mission The Merryweather Heist, Trevor takes Franklin to the bridge, so Franklin has a vantage point to cover Michael with a Sniper Rifle, while Michael sets three bombs in the Merry Weather ship.

Mission Appearances



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