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For the celebrity, see Miranda Cowan.

Miranda[1], a.k.a. the Lady of the Best Tailor is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Take to the Best Tailor of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Miranda says that she is new in Los Santos and just moved to the city last month, to work in the movie industry.

She also says that she has been writing a screenplay for eight years and that her movie will redefine the science fiction-slash-erotica genre. The movie is about an alien life that comes to Earth and takes the body of an exotic dancer (played by herself), and searches for a male to mate with because the alien wants to create a whole race of damaged, dysfunctional alien stripper kids. The working title is U.F.Ho.

Events of GTA V

She will be waiting for Franklin near the Galileo Observatory and ask him to take her to the best tailor in town, to get some clothes for the interview that she will have with some movie executives. She says that she met a movie producer in a bar, that saw a huge potential in her and invited her to his apartment. Franklin gets worried about it, thinking that the producer may want to take advantage of her and tells her to watch out for herself. She tells Franklin not to worry about her and that she did three years of undergrad in Liberty City.

Once Franklin picks her up, he can take her to three different clothing stores around Los Santos: Ponsonbys, SubUrban and a Discount Store. To get the bigger tip for the ride, Franklin needs to take her to Ponsonbys, which will also reward him with a "Best Store Bonus". After Franklin takes her to any of the stores, the missions ends. She will either appreciate Franklin's help or not, depending on which store the player took her to.



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