"Keep back, I'm warning you! I'll kill him if you don't let me go! I'm very happy to kill him man, very happy!"
―The assassin.

The Minigun Wonsu Assassin is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The assassin's only appearance is during the mission Street of Rage, where he, along other minor Korean cronies, assaults Wade Heston and his squad. He corners the leader of the group in an alley and watches on him, arming himself with a minigun. Huang Lee from the Triads raids the attack and manages to kill the assassins. He rescues Heston from the Minigun Assassin, by killing him when he is not shooting. Before his death Huang questions him about location of the Yu Jian Sword, but the assassin dies from his injuries. He appears to be an important member of the gang, and seems to know Wu Lee personally.

Mission Appearances



  • In-game he uses the same model as a normal Korean gang member.
  • He is quite difficult to kill; there are a few strategies to finish him off:
    • Get a Stubby Shotgun, and when he's reloading, shoot him in the back.
    • Use the nearby Grenades to blow him up while getting cover behind a wall and he's close enough to be attacked.
    • Using a Molotov Cocktail, it is possible to set him on fire from afar, but doing so might risk the player being killed or wounded too.
    • Alternatively, when he's reloading the Minigun, the player can use a Chainsaw or Sword to slit him in the back from behind.
  • The assassin uses normal NPC voice sounds when punched/killed/on fire.


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