Milton Road is a long two-way street in Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


It begins at the intersection of South Boulevard Del Perro and Abe Milton Parkway in Rockford Hills and ends at Marlowe Drive in Vinewood Hills, where it becomes Mount Vinewood Drive.

It has connections to Boulevard Del Perro, Spanish Avenue, Eclipse BoulevardCox Way, Picture Perfect DriveDidion Drive, Normandy Drive, Kimble Hill Drive and North Sheldon Avenue.

Places of Interest


  • J's Bonds (corner of Hawick Avenue)
  • The Lust Resort (corner of Eclipse Boulevard)



  • The stretch of Milton Road to Didion Drive was formerly Vine Drive. Vine Drive can be referred to on numerous road signs ingame on Marlowe Drive in Vinewood Hills, Lenny Avery's website and GTA V's physical map itself.
  • Milton Road is referred to as Milton Drive on
  • In Edinburgh, UK where Rockstar North is based, there is a real-life street named Milton Road located in the east of the city, which is home to the Milton Road campus of Edinburgh College.
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