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Milton McIlroy is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.

Personal life

McIlroy is a Vinewood action star who is attempting to transition into more serious roles, but suffers from what Solomon Richards refers to as "zero talent". His reputation has suffered following recent failures as a serious actor and have led him to heavily cut down his actor's fees, which is why Richards hires him to star in his most recent production, Meltdown. Milton's role as a former action star who has trouble becoming a reputable dramatic actor might make him a reference to actor Mark Wahlberg.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

During shooting of the movie, McIlroy gets into a dispute with Richards and storms off the set, promptly firing his manager and hiring corrupt former gangster Rocco Pelosi to replace him. Pelosi threatens Richards and also convinces director Anton Beaudelaire to leave production in order to raise Milton's salary and also obtain a blackmail pay-off from Richards. Unwilling to pay-off Pelosi, Richards asks Michael De Santa to intimidate Pelosi and get both McIlroy and Beaudelaire back on set. Michael beats up Pelosi and takes both Milton and Anton on a hectic helicopter ride, persuading them to get back to work. After bringing them back to the studio, Michael forces Milton to apologize to Richards. McIlroy posts on his Bleeter account about this.

Bleeter GTAVpc MiltonMcilroy.png
@MiltonMcIlroy #meltdown
I'd like to state for the record how excited I am about being a part of the movie Meltdown and working with the great Solomon Richards #meltdown

He is seen again when Franklin Clinton infiltrates the Deep Inside film set to steal a car. Milton and an understudy for Theodore Bickford are filming a scene in front of a green screen with Anton directing.

Ultimately, Milton finishes the film and he is seen one final time during the premiere, where he snubs Lazlow Jones after he begins to cry on his shoulder while thinking about a scene from one of Milton's movies where Milton played a polar bear who is forced to eat his baby.

McIlroy has his own star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

Mission Appearances

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