Millie Perkins' House is the home of Millie Perkins in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The house is located in the Prickle Pine district of Las Venturas. Protagonist Carl Johnson enters Millie's home during the mission Key to Her Heart, after killing Benny. Carl collects a Caligula's Palace key card from within Millie's home, allowing him to later pull off a heist at the casino. Millie's pink Club is often parked outside her home, and can be accessed after Carl's relationship with Millie reaches 50%.

If the player kills Millie Perkins whilst on a date before she calls the player wanting to take part in the heist, the player can go into her house and collect the key after Wu Zi Mu calls the player asking how their relationship is going.


The interior can be only seen during the Key to Her Heart mission. However, it can also be entered once if the player's relationship with Millie reaches 35%, kills her or breaks up with her.

The interior is a small room with a bed, a usable Dildo, four boards on the wall, three torches mounted on the wall, several BDSM tools hanging on the ceiling and several unusable dildos on the bed.