Military Hardware is a Heist Setup in Grand Theft Auto V. The player must complete it in preparation for The Paleto Score. Either Michael De Santa or Trevor Philips will be able to conduct this mission.


The player must stop a military convoy which consists of a Barracks and two Crusaders. It is travelling through Grand Senora Desert, heading past Great Chaparral. In preparation for the heist, the player must steal the Barracks containing two crates of military hardware and lose any pursuing Military. After the hijack, the truck needs to be taken to the meth lab and parked behind Trevor's office. A few moments later, the player will call Lester and update him. The mission is then complete and the heist is ready.

The truck cannot be towed with a Towtruck and cannot be picked up by a Cargobob. It can tolerate more collisions than regular Barracks' but can still be destroyed. The mission can be started with a wanted level, but the wanted level will be removed instantaneously. During the mission, the player cannot obtain a wanted level unless they enter Fort Zancudo. Trevor and Michael can also enter Los Santos during this mission, and Martin's goons will not give chase.

There are two possible routes for the convoy to follow, of which one will be chosen at random. One begins just south of Harmony along Senora Road. The other will start on Calafia Road and drive along Zancudo River before merging with the main road. Both routes will meet at Fort Zancudo Approach Road and head into the base. The guards equip Pistols, Carbine Rifles and SMGs.

If the player fails or dies and retries the mission, they will respawn in Great Chaparral and the convoy will spawn on the dirt road near Ortega's Trailer.

Mission Objectives

  • Intercept the military hardware.
  • Go to the meth lab.
  • Get back in the vehicle carrying the hardware. [?]
  • Don't leave the hardware. [?]
  • Get out of the truck.[1]
  • Take out the remaining guards.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Head Hunter - Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
  • Sticky Strategist - Stop the convoy using a sticky bomb trap.

Instructional Messages

The hardware must not be destroyed.


The soundtrack that plays during Military Hardware is titled "Heist Paleto Prep A" and is unique to this mission. It is very similar to Heist Paleto Setup which plays during the Paleto Score Setup but lacks background noises. The soundtrack will play continuously throughout the mission and doesn't have any dynamic range.

Grand Theft Auto GTA V - Military Hardware Mission Music Theme

Grand Theft Auto GTA V - Military Hardware Mission Music Theme

Video Walkthroughs


  • Planting a sticky bomb on the road and detonating it as the first Crusader of convoy passes over it will unlock the "Sticky Strategist" Gold Medal Objective, and kill some enemies in the process.
  • Using Michael's special ability during the mission may help to kill enemies with headshots, to unlock the "Head Hunter" Gold Medal Objective. Since there are two Crusaders each containing 4 military units, as well as the driver of the Barracks, the player can still destroy the first Crusader with a sticky bomb and kill the rest of the military units with headshots, unlocking both Gold Medal Objectives.
  • Part of the convoy's route takes it through rural countryside. Whilst waiting to ambush the convoy, care must be taken by the player to watch out for dangerous wildlife which may attack the waiting protagonist.
  • If the player is relatively confident with headshots, they could use Trevor's special ability to aid in killing military quickly and effectively.
  • Use Michael's special ability with a sniper rifle with an advanced scope to take out all the military before going to the truck.


  • The truck will drive all the way to Fort Zancudo if the player follows it, and even then they will still be able to steal it without failing the mission, despite the reason for the mission failing if they lose the truck being "The convoy reached the base".
  • Occasionally, the Barracks may spawn without the canvas roof. This is the only time this occurs in-game.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Get out of the truck.: This objective is only shown if the player arrives at the meth lab without any tailing guards. After that, more tailing guards will spawn and the next objective is shown.


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