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For the character, see Mike Toreno.

T-Bone: "Hey holmes, Mike's in trouble. Let's bounce."
Carl: "What trouble? And who is Mike?"
T-Bone: "Man, they taking the yay shipment and the van, and Mike's still in the back!"
T-Bone Mendez briefing Carl about the situation.

Mike Toreno is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson from Jizzy's Pleasure Domes at Battery Point, San Fierro, San Andreas.


T-Bone is convinced that the Loco Syndicate are being monitored. At that point, Mike Toreno calls T-Bone and explains that he is in danger and needs assistance. T-Bone informs Carl and Jizzy that the van containing the drug shipment has been stolen with Toreno still inside. Toreno informs T-Bone that his phone battery is running low, and he will provide directions until it runs out. Carl drives T-Bone to the locations given by Toreno, and finally locates the van at Easter Bay Airport. Guided by Toreno's now-working transponder, Carl and T-Bone locate the van and rescue Toreno from the Da Nang Boys. Toreno exits the van and, not knowing Carl, holds him at gunpoint, though stands down when T-Bone explains who he is. Toreno explains that the police will be searching for the van and they must destroy the van with the shipment inside, despite T-Bone's reluctance to do so. Carl destroys the van and drives Toreno and T-Bone away from the airport. After losing the police, Carl drives Toreno and T-Bone back to Jizzy's club.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get inside the car
  • Drive to the building site near Doherty Garage
  • Drive to the port
  • Drive to the airport
  • Use the signal to find the van
  • Kill those goons
  • Destroy the van
  • Take Toreno away from the burning van before the police arrive
  • Lose the heat! Get to the Pay 'n' Spray
  • Get back to The Pleasure Domes


  • The reward for completing this mission is $7000 and an increase in Respect. The mission Outrider is also unlocked. The Rustler parked in the southernmost hangar at Easter Bay Airport is now unlocked as well.


Jizzy is talking with T-Bone in the former's club.
Jizzy: T-Bone! Pump your brakes, baby. Take a chill pill, and just lay back and let the red mist fall, brother!
T-Bone: Hey, holmes, open your eyes, dog. Can't you see we're getting messed with here, holmes?
CJ arrives.
Jizzy: Hey, partner! T-Bone, look, it's Carl! Now he's a real hero out there.
CJ: (not in the subtitles) What's happening?
Jizzy: See? We still good.
T-Bone: What, are you vatos stupid? Someone's on to us. We need to go back and rethink.
CJ: I think they was just trying their luck.
T-Bone's phone rings.
T-Bone: Mike? Mike! I been trying to contact you. What? Oh man. Where are you? OK, just keep talking! (to Jizzy) Hey, holmes, Mike's in trouble. Let's bounce.
CJ: What trouble? And who's Mike?
T-Bone: Man, they've taken the yay shipment, and the van, and Mike's still in the back!
Jizzy: Well, what we going to do? How the fuck we gonna know where he is?
T-Bone: He's got his phone, he's gonna talk to us until his battery runs out. Come on, we gotta bounce!
Jizzy: A'ight, let's jet!
CJ and T-Bone head to rescue Mike Toreno.
T-Bone: Gotta make this quick, Mike doesn't got much time on his battery left!
They drive to Toreno's recent location.
T-Bone: He says he can hear seagulls! Mike can hear gulls!
CJ: Seagulls? Shit, that could be anywhere in this town.
T-Bone: He can hear heavy machinery!
CJ: Seagulls and heavy machinery? What is that? A building site, or a landfill or something?
T-Bone: There's a building site in Doherty! (after some time) Hey, just hang in there, Mike, help is on the way!
Toreno's location has changed and they drive to Easter Basin.
T-Bone: He says he can hear a truck reversing. He says it's busy, like a freight depot or something.
CJ: Freight? Aw, they must be down at the docks!
T-Bone: Get to the docks in Easter Basin! (after some time again) Hey, we'll be there in a minute, Mike!
Toreno's location is now changed to the airport.
T-Bone: Shit, he says they stopped, then he heard gunfire! He thinks they just shot there way through a security gate!
CJ: They don't have heavy security at the docks, but they do at the airport's freight depot!
T-Bone: To the airport, rapido! Mike can hear aircraft taking off and landing.
CJ and T-Bone finally reach the airport.
T-Bone: Ok, the tags should work now, holmes.
CJ: Tag? What the hell is a tag?
T-Bone: After that last bit of trouble, Mike hid the transponder in the white. We was going to follow it to the gang, but something must have fucked up and now we gotta use it to find that van and rescue Mike!
CJ: Oh! How it work?
T-Bone: Simple. Closer we get, the stronger the signal.
They find the van.
CJ: Shit, there they are!
CJ and T-Bone chase the van, kill the goons, and get to the van.
CJ: Hey man, c'mon, hurry up.
T-Bone: Apurate, apurate!
Toreno: About time, T-Bone... Who the fuck is this?
Toreno points his gun at CJ.
T-Bone: Hey, that's one of Jizzy's clowns, relax, güero.
Toreno: You hear that? We gotta torch this van with the coke in it.
T-Bone: Hey, chale, güero, we ain't torching nada!
Toreno: This is a set back, but doing twenty to life is a little more than that, comprende amigo?
CJ: Hey he's right, man, let's do it and get the hell outta here.
T-Bone: Hey, who the fuck asked you, payaso? This ain't a committee.
Toreno: Exactly. I call the shots here. Now shut up and let's go.
The three of them destroy the van and escape the airport. After escaping, cops come after them, but they manage to evade the cops by entering Pay 'n' Spray. They drive back to the Pleasure Domes.
Toreno: How long you been working for Jizzy? I haven't seen you before.
CJ: Just got into town last week. I done a couple of jobs here and there.
Toreno: Just got into town, huh? Where were you before that?
CJ: Hey, what is this?
T-Bone: Man, just answer the fucking question.
CJ: Look man, chill. I been in Los Santos with my family, a'ight?
Toreno: Gimme his wallet.
CJ: What? Hey, get off!
T-Bone: Quit struggling and concentrate on the road! Here y'go, Mike.
Toreno: Carl Johnson, huh? Alright. I've seen enough. Here.
CJ: Hey, was dub in there. Better still be there when I check it.
T-Bone: Shut the fuck up.
The trio arrive at the club.
Toreno: OK, Carl Johnson, you did good today.
T-Bone: Man, now shake the spot, we got shit to talk about.

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  • If the type 1 Territory Glitch is used on non PlayStation 2 platforms, the scouting sequence can break due to corrupted map terminators, preventing the player from advancing the mission by driving to the objective markers until Mike Toreno is found as intended. If this occurs, the player must skip to the airport in order to advance the mission.
  • If the player is using the "Never Wanted" cheat, the mission will not continue once the player passes the red marker at the airport. To fix this, leave the vehicle and run away from it until the game instructs the player to return, at which point the mission will continue as normal.
  • Sometimes, the damage meter will not fill up even if the player repeatedly crashes. To fix this glitch, load a saved game and attempt the mission again.
  • During the cutscene where Toreno exits the van, a second yellow van appears in the background next to the vehicle Carl drove to the airport, alongside a white limousine which the player can use as a getaway vehicle. This is fixed in The Definitive Edition.
  • If the mission fails by getting Toreno killed after rescuing him and trying again from the last mission autosave, a glitch may occur, saying that Toreno is dead and fails the mission, despite the player not doing anything (mobile confirmed).


  • The song featured in the pre-mission cutscene is called "Loopzilla" by George Clinton, which can also be heard on Bounce FM.
  • In one of the dialogues after Mike orders Mendez to torch the van, there's a mistake in the script of the dialogue, T-Bone says "Hey chale, güero, we ain't torching nada!" while the subtitles read Charlie instead of Chale. "Chale" is a Mexican Spanish expression that can be roughly translated into English as Damn!
  • There is a dead guard and a dropped Desert Eagle in front of the airport gate when Carl and T-Bone enter the airport.
  • As said by Carl, the mission takes place a week after he arrives in San Fierro.
  • T-Bone, ordered by Mike, will take CJ's wallet and give it to Mike despite the likely fact that at least one of them is in the backseat of the Stretch used.
  • Before going to the airport, T-Bone says that he can hear planes taking off and landing while finding Toreno's location through his phone. However, in normal gameplay (and this mission), there are no planes either taking off or landing at any airports in San Andreas.
  • If the player knows Mike is held at the airport, they can simply skip the first two sequences of the mission by driving to the airport immediately.