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This is strictly classified. Nothing goes on here. Close the file, please.
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Mike Toreno's Ranch is a ranch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Tierra Robada, San Andreas.


As stated by its name, the ranch is owned by Government agent Mike Toreno. However, the ranch becomes available as a save point after Carl Johnson receives a mystery phone call from the ranch upon completing the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. When the player has started these missions the game can be saved there. A boat dock can be found in the ranch's lake, and what appears to be a small garage is located next to the ranch. However, no vehicles can be saved here.

The ranch is located on a dirt road which turns off from the San Fierro Bypass and runs past the ranch before rejoining the road outside Las Barrancas. Because of this, a relatively high volume of traffic passes the ranch.

Mission appearances

The four weapons.


After completing Vertical Bird, heavy weapons will spawn in the house.

Tip: To stock up on ammunition for the above weapons, pick up the weapon(s) desired, save the game (at the ranch) and repeat.

Stationary Vehicles


For some reason, NPC vehicles will spawn on the portion of road just in front of the ranch and drive away under certain circumstances.

  • Standing near the tree at the south-west side of the house and moving the camera towards Red County.
  • Standing right after the fence at the north side of the ranch and moving the camera towards Las Barrancas.
  • Standing near the Washington and moving the camera towards Bone County.



  • Inside the ranch house, there is a large poster-sized map of San Andreas on the wall. The map is actually from the game early-mid development, and it features several differences from the final version of the game; For example, in this map, the town of Bayside doesn't exist, and there is a small island in the middle of San Fierro Bay which isn't there in the final game.