The Middle Park East Safehouse, also known as the Algonquin Safehouse[citation/verification needed], is a Safehouse in Grand Theft Auto IV located in Middle Park East.


The building the apartment is situated in is located on a 7 story apartment on the corner of Albany Avenue and Pyrite Street in Middle Park East, with Union Drive East running parallel to Albany Avenue to the east. The apartment itself is an enclosed penthouse built into the loft of the apartment, with the ceiling, walls, and windows showing evidence that the apartment adopted an industrial design language.

The safehouse is very modern and lavishly furnished, including a bedroom with a king-sized bed and a cow-skin carpet, a (non-functioning) wine cellar in the back, a kitchen with a small island, several Krapea armchairs and a leather sofa in front of a Panoramic flat-screen TV, a radio (which is tuned to Electro-Choc) and a laptop which can be used to access the internet. There is an inaccessible door like the other safehouses, which likely leads to the bathroom.

The apartment's large glass windows look out onto the Humboldt River towards Charge Island and Dukes. The East Borough Bridge is a key landmark visible from the apartment, but distant views of the Algonquin Bridge and Colony Island can also be discerned from the northern window. Like the other safehouses, there is a two-car parking space outside. Quartz East station at Albany Avenue and Quartz Street is also easily accessible from the safehouse, with one entrance directly visible to the north from the apartment's entrance.

The Middle Park East Safehouse appears to be based on 1125 Lexington Avenue "St. George" apartments in Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City, albeit lacking the fire escapes and store-front awning, and essentially mirroring the layout.


The Middle Park East Safehouse is the third or fourth safehouse acquirable by Niko Bellic, dependent on whether the player chooses to use Playboy's Penthouse during The Holland Play. The safehouse is unlocked soon after the mission Hostile Negotiation, when further threats from Dimitri Rascalov in Bohan compelled Roman Bellic to search for a safer accommodation in neighboring Algonquin. After a period of time, Roman calls about his purchase of the Middle Park East apartment. The safehouse is a huge improvement over the South Bohan Safehouse, and remains superior to the next safehouse.



  • A Rockstar logo can be seen on the couch.[citation/verification needed]
  • The safehouse is the best opportunity for the player to earn the "One Man Army" achievement/trophy as the police will not follow the player up to the lift of the safehouse.
  • This safehouse, along with Playboy X's loft, are the two best places in the base game to store law enforcement vehicles as police rarely patrol on foot here, which as a result do not prompt officers to steal a player's police vehicle in order to transport or pursue a suspect.


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