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Why'd we whack Mickey, anyhow. He was a stand-out guy.
— A Sindacco mobster.

Mickey is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears during "The Introduction" prologue for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Mickey was a member of the Sindacco Family and ran the Caligula's Palace casino in the city of Las Venturas.

Johnny: "We got our guy in there already."
Salvatore: "Get rid of him."
Johnny Sindacco and Salvatore Leone on Mickey.

Johnny Sindacco, a leading representative of the Sindacco family, negotiates a deal with Leone crime family Don Salvatore Leone to fund the casino. Salvatore demands that Mickey be killed and that a third party, which would be Ken Rosenberg, be put in his place.

After his death, two Sindaccos dispose Mickey's corpse in the desert. One of them also referred Mickey to as a 'stand-out guy", while the other claimed that Mickey's death was ordered as he declared a lot of money.