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Wow, Florida has a lot of heritage, doesn't it? They say the South will rise again, and look, they've infiltrated this station! But that's what public radio is - it represents the public, 25% of which is at least bad, dimwitted and lazy.
— Michelle Montanius hosting VCPR in 1984

Michelle Montanius is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who can be heard in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on Vice City Public Radio (VCPR).


Michelle Montanius is a reporter for VCPR in 1984, and later the co-host of the station in 1986. She has previously dated Maurice Chavez, the host of the Pressing Issues show on the same network, and refers to him as an "asshole". In Vice City Stories, it is revealed that Michelle is pregnant with Chavez's child, although she continually asks him to marry her or pay for an abortion. It is unknown whether she kept the baby or had an abortion.

During 1986, she is shown to have become wealthier, as she now owns two houses. During the breaks between Pressing Issues, Michelle and Jonathan continue to try and get listeners to donate 10% of their income to the station. However, she refuses to give out the information of where to send the money, telling the listeners to find the address themselves. She continues to berate the listeners and people of Vice City, even calling listeners who haven't donated to the show "thieves", and wishing an agonizing death upon listeners who made donations of only $10. Michelle and Jonathan also read out advertisements for companies who have sponsored the show, including Delio and Furax, which goes against the basis of public radio.

Michelle and Jonathan appear to be close to each other. During a commercial break in Vice City Stories, Jonathan said, "Don't worry Michelle, I'll make that failed circus clown [Maurice Chavez] pay!", hinting that maybe they were heading into a relationship.

She is voiced by Kelly Guest in both appearances.