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Michelle Cannes is a character who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She is one of six girlfriends that Carl can engage a relationship with.


According to Michelle, she has had a long-time passion for cars. She claims she began racing bikes at the age of twelve, and that her first car was a Perennial. At an unknown point in time, Michelle qualified as a mechanic and opened her own garage in Downtown San Fierro. According to one of her random lines, one of her ambitions in life is to purchase a speedboat.


Michelle can be encountered next to the water cooler near the back door inside the driving school in Doherty, San Fierro talking to a pedestrian, but is not always encountered, and often disappears if the player exits the Driving School or does a Driving School challenge. To get her attention, Carl must have a fat level over 50% and a high sex appeal, although this can be skipped if the player has very high (about 90%) sex appeal or has collected all oysters.

Once Michelle becomes Carl's girlfriend, she can be found at her garage in Downtown San Fierro, usually from 00:00 to 12:00.

Food date

Michelle prefers to go to bars, with the nearest bar being Misty's in Garcia, which is not too far from where Michelle lives.

Dancing Date

The closest club is the Gaydar Station in Queens, which is a bit far from her residence.

Driving Date

Michelle enjoys driving at fast speeds, which are easy to obtain due to the hilly roads around her area. Her favorite areas to drive are around Doherty and Garcia, but she dislikes Queens and Chinatown.

Special Date

This type of date is unique to Michelle. For this date, Michelle wants to drive. If Carl is in a car when he meets Michelle, he will immediately exit the car and switch to the passenger seat.

Michelle will drive around San Fierro while the camera is in cinematic mode. The only options available to the player are to change either the camera view or the radio station. After driving around for about 2 or 3 in-game hours, she'll drive back to her place and the date will end successfully, although no chance to kiss her or give her flowers is given. The car is immune to damage during this date, and if Michelle drives into a solid object (e.g. a building or wall) the camera will briefly fade and the car will respawn on the road.

Exiting the car while Michelle is driving will abort the date and a pop-up message will say that Michelle has stolen the car. She will de-spawn soon afterwards though, and the car will come to a stop.

During this date, Michelle will make use of any Nitro fitted to the vehicle. She will automatically turn it on herself if it's available, speeding it up. Once the nitro runs out, and goes through the recharge time, she will enable it again.

If the player is already above 40% and the "Hot coffee" is already finished, Carl will respawn in the passenger seat of the vehicle that he and Michelle used for this date.


Michelle will start letting Carl in at about 40% relationship, unless he has collected all 50 oysters in which case she'll let him in on the first date (unless the date fails).


  • For dating: Michelle's Auto Repair can be used, located at her home. It functions identically to a Pay 'n' Spray but any repairs and resprays are carried out free of charge. A glitch exists however. If the player tries to drive into the garage with less than $100, the game will claim the player does not have enough money and no repairs are carried out.
  • At 50%: She will give Carl the keys to her Monster.
  • At 100%: She gives Carl a Racing Suit, blue overalls with a Michelle's Auto Repair logo on the back.



  • A glitch occurs after hooking up with Michelle. After getting her number, go out the back door. Climb on top of the door and get on the roof. The civilian that Michelle was talking to in the Driving School will come falling out of the sky and die.
  • Strangely, in the iOS version, there is a glitch with Michelle where if she wants to drive, CJ will only exit the car and won't start changing seats until she drives the car away, usually leading to the player failing the date and losing whatever car they brought.
  • On iOS (version 2.0 and upwards) a glitch occurs during the driving date. Upon starting the date, CJ will exit the car, and Michelle will drive off leaving CJ stuck in a cinematic mode. Despite this, after a short amount of time (roughly a minute) Michelle will return with the original vehicle and the date will be deemed a success, inviting Carl in for coffee (if unlocked).


  • She can make a minor appearance during the Go-Go Karting race. Also, on rare occasions her character model can appear in Vigilante missions as a criminal and in street races, much like other girlfriends.
  • Michelle's car has a license plate reading "NOS," referring to nitrous oxide or more simply put, Nitro, which is an available modification to all customizable cars in GTA: San Andreas. This is commonly used in races to gain an advantage over opponents, which explains the reference between the license plate and the type of personality that Michelle has, being an enthusiastic about cars and racing.
  • There are several dildos in her garage.
  • In the original game Michelle wears a tank top that shows a lot of cleavage. However, in the first anniversary remaster of the game, she wears a sleeveless t-shirt, and her collar is up to her neck.
  • Michelle's 'red t-shirt' attire in the release version of the Definitive Edition was updated and patched back to her original, low-cut black tank top from the original game in update 1.03.

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