Michelle's Auto Repair is an auto repair shop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The shop is located in Downtown, San Fierro and is owned by car expert Michelle Cannes. Her repair shop can only be used by the player if Carl Johnson dates her, and can be accessed even if Michelle is not home. The shop acts exactly like a Pay 'n' Spray, but is free to use. Some of Michelle's toys can be seen on the table inside the garage, and a Kruton 9000 computer can be seen as well. A unique stunt jump is located in the stairs between the shop and the garage.

Upon dating Michelle Cannes to 100%, CJ will receive a racing suit with the auto repair shop's logo.


The interior of Michelle's shop can be accessed through the Hidden Interiors Universe. The interior was removed from GTA San Andreas alongside the "Hot Coffee" mini-game, which later caused controversy after an unofficial modification was released.

The interior consists of several gas canisters, oil drums, wooden crates and including a wreck of a NRG-500 in the first floor. The second floor consists of several modification parts scattered on the floor, a TV, two sofas, an untidy bed, two room lamps, a kitchen with a boombox.



Due to a glitch, if the player has less than $100, he will not be able to use the spray shop. When entered, a message will pop up saying that the player has insufficient money to use it, even though a respray is free. 

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