Michaela (also called Michelle or Micayla) Carapadis is a radical feminist who appears on K-Chat in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and also appears on MeTV News in the official website of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. She wrote a book where she "rewrote history" and claimed that anyone who didn't buy it was unintelligent titled Killing Husbands - Freeing Wives, Ending Slavery, By Any Means Necessary in 1984 and also wrote another book that talked about the "horrors" of man, officially titled Being and Seeing, From Freud to the Building Sites, a Woman's Journey into the Male Psyche in 1986. While being interviewed it is implied Michaela takes on a manly appearance.

In 1984 she sent a statement to MeTV that she wanted to have read on the air, which was done by the reporter Jenny Mitchell, who quoted Micayla's sentences on how she "freed slavery" and that shows like George Moorehead were reinstating it, she then criticised George Moorehead as a misogynnistic, racist dipsomaniac who represented all that is wrong with American masculinity and claimed that history should be rewritten which she claimed to have done on her new book, Killing Husbands - Freeing Wives, Ending Slavery, By Any Means Necessary. Her views were ridiculed by Jenny Mitchell who ended the broadcast by cussing her out.

In 1986, when Amy opens the phones for call-ins, a female listener states how Michaela changed her life. She goes further to say she dislikes feminism, and that it is wrong to hate men or anyone else just because they're different. Before the caller hangs up she says that Michaela is an appalling academic and as intellectual as a hemorrhoid.

Her extremist feminism is thought to be a reference to the late Andrea Dworkin, a radical feminist with similar views.

Michaela Carapadis is voiced by Mary Birdsong.


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