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An advertisement of Miami in GTA III.

An advertisement mentioning Miami in GTA Vice City

Miami is a city mentioned in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Real-world Miami is used as a basis for Vice City in all three universes.


In Grand Theft Auto III, several billboards advertise vacations to Miami, and Ray Machowski mentions he is leaving for there when the CIA try to prevent his escape from Liberty City. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there is a billboard in Little Haiti that says "Move over Miami", implying that even if Vice City was based in Miami, the two cities both exist in the 3D Universe, and may be roughly similar. The official GTA III website also makes clear a coexistence between Miami and Vice City:

Francis International is airport to the stars. 100's of domestic and international destinations served including: London, San Andreas, Vice City, Miami, Bogota, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Toronto, Leith and Tokyo.
GTA III Website.

Easter Egg

The original Grand Theft Auto III "See you in Miami" billboard was a teaser for the forthcoming release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, announced one year after GTA III, and featuring the return of Vice City to the series since its first iteration from the 1997's original Grand Theft Auto.

Francis International Aiport billboard in Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition.

In Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive Edition, the Miami advertisement billboard has been replaced by a similar advertisement, featuring a FlyUS plane, a Grand Theft Auto V screenshot of Chumash in the background, and the words "See You Soon".

The "Move over Miami" billboard is still present in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition, maintaining its coexistence true to the 3D Universe.