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The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS or The Met) is the fictionalized police force responsible for law enforcement in London in the year 1969. The Met police appear in the games GTA London 1969 and GTA London 1961, both expansion packs to the original Grand Theft Auto.

As London is a real-life location, the Metropolitan Police is the only law enforcement service in Grand Theft Auto to be based on a real-life organization.



The Metropolitan Police Service has three police stations based in Soho, Angel, and Southwark. Their officers wear a traditional "English bobby" uniform; black-darkish grey uniform and a custodian helmet with a badge, as seen when the protagonist gets a Wanted Level. If your wanted level gets too high, the police will set up road blocks like their American counterparts in the first GTA. Eventually they will call in the military in the form of Tiger Tanks and Royal Pains.


The MPS use vehicles known as Coppers. Like their real-life counterparts, the Coppers in both GTA London 1969 and GTA London 1961 are civilian cars converted for police use. The Copper in GTA London 1969 is a modified version of the S-Cart, while the Copper in GTA London 1961 is based on the Jug MkII, reflecting common choices of car models by the real British police at the time.

Radio Channel

The London police radio channel can be listened to when one has a wanted level, or on entering a police vehicle. In the soundtrack credits to the game, the police radio channel is entitled "Book 'em". In true GTA fashion contains era-specific humorous and satirical dialogue by the police. This includes the London police:

  • Using the channel to order chocolate and snacks and ignoring reports of an officer down and a stolen police car;
  • Overusing very lengthy code-words to ridiculous and confusing extent;
  • Attempting to avert an embarrassing and potentially scandalous situation involving a politician and a brothel;
  • An APB on armed and dangerous grandmother with a shopping trolley;
  • An epic chasing of a dog which turns out to be a a cat;
  • One policeman saying enthusiastically and in a raised voice "We got the bastard!"

They also mention on the police radio that they are from "Sun Hill CID", a reference to the long-running British police drama The Bill.



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