Crystal Methamphetamine at Trevor's meth lab in GTA V.

Methamphetamine (also referred to as Speed, Sabu, Crystal and Meth) is a drug featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is mentioned several times in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes.

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City

Methamphetamine is briefly brought up in a conversation between Niko and Playboy X in the mission "Blow Your Cover". Playboy X says that the two biker gangs in the city, The Lost MC and Angels of Death, are in the meth business. Later in the game, Ashley Butler visits Ray Boccino as he is talking to Niko, and she is evidently a meth addict, much to Ray's vexation. It is later revealed in The Lost and Damned that Ashley is Johnny Klebitz's ex-girlfriend. He dumped her because of her addiction and she is repeatedly used by Ray in order to get his way with Johnny and The Lost. The Skinheads are another gang that participates in the meth trade, but primarily as addicts and street dealers.

Grand Theft Auto V

Methamphetamine plays a much larger role in Grand Theft Auto V. Blaine County is known for being riddled with meth, especially around the Sandy Shores area in particular. Trevor Philips is a frequent user of the drug, making him highly strung and prone to violent outbursts. He and Chef also run a meth lab and sell the drug in the Sandy Shores area. When Johnny Klebitz, who moved from Liberty City to San Andreas with The Lost and became addicted to meth, is brutally killed by Trevor, Trevor proceeds to kill the rest of the gang along with the Varrios Los Aztecas, both of whom were in the meth business, to make his self-proclaimed "Trevor Philips Industries" the only supplier of the drug in Blaine County.

When the O'Neil Brothers, also meth pushers and associates of Trevor, steal his business by winning over a Triad drug cartel wishing to partner with an outside organisation, he goes into a rage and destroys their meth lab. They later attempt to exact revenge but are killed in a joint effort by Michael and Franklin for Trevor.

Outside of the story, mobile meth labs are often seen parked throughout the countryside in GTA V. After the Mrs. Philips stranger mission, Trevor will be seen sitting in his trailer smoking meth. He will then be in an intoxicated state for several minutes while playing, with the screen being cloudy and distorted.

Methamphetamine also appears in several missions in Grand Theft Auto Online, such as Meth'd Up, Crank Up the Volume and Series A - Steal Meth. The Bikers Update enabled players to purchase and run methamphetamine labs around Blaine County and Los Santos. The meth labs include multiple pop culture references to the TV series Breaking Bad; for example, the meth made in the labs in GTA: Online is colored blue, like the highly pure meth in Breaking Bad is.[1][2]

Other Names

  • Metilamphetamine or desocsiefedrin (Medic name)
  • Sabu/shabu (Indonesian)
  • Speed, crystal, meth (English slang word)
  • Crank (English slang word)


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