"Alright, fool. I got a word on a hustle. It's outside a town at this serious dealer's spot, but you don't gotta deal with him. He's been selling chemical to some hillbilly types cookin out their RV. Boost the caravan and meet my dudes at the YouTool depot off the freeway. You get money, and I'm in the crystal game. It's all good."

Meth'd Up is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Gerald. It is available for up to 1-4 players.


Gerald wants to get in the meth game now. There is a van full of meth gear at the Liquor Ace that Gerald wants. When the team arrives there, several men will be protecting the van. After stealing it, the gang members will chase after the player in the van. The team needs to take the van to The Families, a little bit outside of Sandy Shores.

Mission objectives

  • Steal the RV.
  • Deliver the RV to the pickup point.

Video walkthrough


GTA Online - Mission - Meth'd Up Hard Difficulty


  • Ironically, the player is attacking territory of Trevor Philips Enterprises, and later in the story, they become affiliated.
    • Also, the later mission Crank Up the Volume requires the player to steal a Journey to bring back to Ace Liquor.
  • This mission might be a reference to the TV series Breaking Bad, in which the main characters use an RV to cook meth in.
  • Chef appears as a random enemy on the liquor store rooftop.
  • The name of this mission is a play on the term "messed up".
  • Originally, this mission was named Trevor's Enigma.
  • Two Families members are seen at the ending of the mission.


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