Mentor is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. His only appearance is when he sends an email to Huang Lee.


In his email, he offers Huang several criminal courses as well as advising Huang to buy his book.


(SPAM?) make money


Sign up for our counterfeiting course today at the criminal academy. Or try one of our courses.


From house breaking, mugging, joyriding to serial killing and politics.

Interview room techniques

Offsetting blame 101 - 'video games made me do it', etc. all tried, tested and proven.

Prison survival techniques

Cell room fengshui, Zen invisibility, How to pick up soap with your toes, Intimidate by smell alone, Advanced rape + many more.

Subscribe today and gain access to our course on email fraud - 'How to make $75 from each Spam email you send'.

Click the link: I agree, under oath, I am not a cop - and sign up now, just 75$!"

It can be concluded in the last lines that this email is an example of the emails included in the book that Mentor refers to.


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