"Exercise doesn't have to involve breaking a sweat and that's why Americans love bowling. Go for that tricky 6-9 split secure in the knowledge that you are playing a sport."
―GTA IV Manual Description

Memory Lanes is a chain of bowling alleys in Grand Theft Auto IV.


In GTA IV, there are only two Memory Lanes alleys, one located at Firefly Island, Broker and another in Golden Pier, in Westminster, Algonquin, off Union Drive West. Players can opt to either play a round of bowling on their own or with a friend or girlfriend, turning into a little competition; the alley is prominently featured in GTA IV, when Niko Bellic takes Michelle to the Firefly Island Memory Lanes bowling alley on their first date.

In addition to bowling facilities, each Memory Lanes alley contains a mini Burger Shot restaurant where players can buy food and replenish their health. In The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, an air hockey table is also incorporated into the bowling alley, allowing the player to play Air Hockey.

Memory Lanes (GTA4) (interior, panorama).jpg
Panorama of a Memory Lanes interior in GTA IV.




  • The signs in and outside of Memory Lanes light up at night to look like male genitals. The logo itself also looks like male genitals (the bowling pin being the penis and the two bowling balls being the testes).
  • Memory Lanes is a pun on the saying 'A walk down memory lane', referring to witnessing or experiencing nostalgia.
  • The radio station Liberty Rock Radio plays at both Memory Lanes in Liberty City. In TLAD, the radio station has been changed to Radio Broker.
  • Inside Memory Lanes, sometimes, the player will hear any pedestrian shouting "Gimme a White Russian, please!" or "I'm The Dude!" every time they score. This is a reference to the film The Big Lebowski, where The Dude's favorite drink is a White Russian and he is an avid bowling player.
  • The opening times (on the doors of Memory Lanes) state that it is open from 9:00 to 9:40 everyday, yet the player can go there anytime.

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