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Melvin Andrews is a cut character in Grand Theft Auto Online.[1]


According to Lester Crest, Melvin was a mad scientist. Not much is known about him, other than he was due to be a major part of the The Pacific Standard Job. A texture of Melvin exists in the game files, where he wears a sweater, supporting Lester's description of him, "he likes sweaters".

Beta audio files of a mission involving Melvin exist, under the name "mpsci".[2] Lester tells the players they need to find him, as the "whole operation depends on him". Melvin uses an encryption device which throws out some phantom readings. As Lester tells the players he doesn't socialise, he tells them they "might be able to smell him before you can see him".

During the search for Melvin, Lester attempts to reach out for coordinates of his whereabouts. At one point, Melvin is on a call, making is easier for Lester to track his location. He then sends the players coordinates of the potential spot. Lester pings 3 sets of coordinates, with the third set being the charm.

Audio files from Melvin himself also exist in the files. These reveal Melvin has the same voice over as Avi Schwartzman, making it clear Melvin was replaced by Avi in-game. These additional audio files mostly consist of himself talking about lab experiments, such as "Monkey samples". Others consist of him worrying, very similar to the manners of Avi and his reaction to the player's capturing him.


Lester describes him as "paranoid", claims he doesn't get out much and doesn't socialise much, and that he is very protective of his privacy. Lester likes to think of him as "like me, but with a hard on for torturing lab rats", referring to his occupation as a scientist.


  • It's unknown exactly what Melvin's purpose was. Lester mentions a "pass" numerous times, however, another beta heist character is also tailed for the purpose of obtaining and cloning a "pass". Melvin's pass likely relates to another heist setup not mentioned anywhere in beta audio files.


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