"Take whatever you want, Trevor. I can't afford another fire."
―Melvin to Trevor

Melvin is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Melvin is the clerk of the local Ammu-Nation store located in Sandy Shores, and he is familiar with Trevor Philips. Similar to Ron and Wade, he is constantly harassed and insulted by Trevor and mentions that Trevor set fire to the shop once.

He claims not to have any real friends or family in Sandy Shores, though he claims he once asked Maude Eccles out but she rejected his advances. Because of this, he is shown as a very depressed individual when speaking to any of the protagonists.

Mission Appearances



  • Melvin will greet all the protagonists differently when they enter his store.
    • If Trevor enters, he will often stay silent, most likely so as not to annoy Trevor, considering he previously burnt the store down.
    • If Michael enters, he thinks that Michael is a visiting tourist, even when Michael is living in Sandy Shores in exile.
    • If Franklin enters the store, he will comment "Well, you're definitely not from around here".
  • Despite being afraid of Trevor, he will still try to kill Trevor with an Assault Shotgun if Trevor fires a weapon close to/in the shop or drives a vehicle into the store.
  • The player cannot equip his Assault Shotgun when Melvin is killed


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