Melanoma Street is a street in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in La Puerta and Vespucci Beach, Los Santos.


It begins at Bay City Avenue and ends at Vespucci Beach Sidewalk, crossing Magellan Avenue. Smoke on the Water is near its western edge.

Gang Control

In 2013, during the events of GTA V, the street was controlled by the Los Santos Vagos until they were killed in a shootout. As of 2020, during the events of Gerald's Last Play mission series for GTA Online, the street is controlled by the Marabunta Grande.


Vespucci Beach

Notable Residents


Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V

  • Repossession - The shootout takes place here at a back alley of apartment buildings.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Gerald's Last Play




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