Medicine and Healthcare: Zaibatsu Release Equanox is an article for the Liberty Tree newspaper written by Brian Robinson in April 2001.


Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical arm of Liberty City's very own Zaibatsu Corporation, unveiled their new wonder drug, Equanox, yesterday at the city's annual Beneficial Chemicals Trade Show. Equanox, hailed as a wonder drug by its inventors is a new attempt to conquer that very modern malaise, dissatisfaction. Zaibatsu are claiming that Equanox will combat lethargy, depression, melancholy, sexual dysfunction and just about anything, caused controversy when the FDA repeatedly refused a license for its release. Then, thankfully, the FDA relented, allowing the Zaibatsu Corporation a priceless toe-hold in the $1 billion mood enhancer and anti-depressant market. Money that Zaibatsu promise will be funneled right back into helping Liberty City. The drug, which the FDA initially claimed caused "psychotic behavior in rats, and is synthetically like PCP, only more toxic" will go on sale in the coming months. We all hope it is going to help bring a few more smiles to Liberty City residents and dissatisfied folk everywhere.

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