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Mix It Up
It's a special moment when you're hurtling a Faggio through the Senora, blasting a semi-auto, and screaming along to your own personal playlist of the hottest sounds in San Andreas. Listen, pause, play, and repeat all new mixes with the Media Player on radio, jukebox and docking stations.
Find Media Sticks with new music scattered around Los Santos.
GTA Online Entry screen

Media Sticks are collectibles in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the continuation of Los Santos Tuners update, released on July 20, 2021.


Starting from July 20, 2021, Media Sticks are made available for players to find in locations and inside players' properties in Los Santos. The units themselves are red USB thumb drives labeled 'Wee Drive', with a storage capacity of 4 gigabytes.

New media unlocked:
CircoLoco Records
[Color] EP
CircoLoco Records
EP [#] of 4 collected
You have unlocked a mew music mix. Enter a vehicle and select the Media Player from the radio wheel to listen to this mix now. Additional mixes can be set via the Inventory section of the Interaction Menu.
Find and collect all four EPs from CircoLoco Records to unlock an additional bonus mix - the CLR Launch Party by Seth Troxler.

There are five stick to be found. The four CLR EPs will unlock a new mix for the Media Player radio wheel feature, and the Circoloco Tee.

New media unlocked:
Kenny's Backyard Boogie

You have collected all EPs from CircoLoco Records. An additional bonus mix - the CLR Launch Party (Seth Troxler) can now be played on the Media Player.
New media unlocked:
CircoLoco Records
CLR Launch Party (Seth Troxler)
Clothing Unlock
Circoloco Tee

Three more sticks were added with The Contract update, the last of which requires completion of the Dr. Dre contract before it will be available. The Dre stick is black and simply labeled with the logo of Record A Studios in white.


Mix Location Description Image Map
Black EP LS Car Meet mechanic's toolbox.
Blue EP Roof terrace of The Diamond Casino & Resort.
Violet EP Tony Prince's desk inside any player's nightclub.
Green EP Inside any player's Arcade, at the bar.
Kenny's Backyard Boogie
Inside the trunk of Moodymann's white Gauntlet Hellfire at the LS Car Meet.
N/A: Randomly spawns in
place of any NPC car
NEZ Ft Schoolboy Q
Let's Get It
Franklin's house at 3671 Whispymound Drive, on the table beside the BBQ near the pool.
You Wanna?
The rooftop bar at Record A Studios in Rockford Hills. Can be accessed by air before completing the Dr. Dre missions.
Dr. Dre Player's desk inside F. Clinton and Partner. Unlocked after completing Don't Fuck With Dre.



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