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If you are looking for Irish Mobs from GTA Chinatown Wars, see Irish American Killers.

The McReary crime family is a family of Irish-American criminals based throughout Liberty City, headed by the McReary brothers. They operate in Dukes and formerly the West Side in Purgatory, Algonquin. They play a large role in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The gang can be seen in Steinway, Dukes, but used to have influence in Purgatory, Algonquin. Members of the gang wear casual clothes, sometimes with green color or Irish symbolism, and some have ginger hair, since the crime family is Irish. They drive modified Übermacht Oracles and green Contenders.

If Niko is attacked by a pedestrian, a McReary crime family associate may come and assist Niko and will fight the pedestrian. However, they usually will just beat the pedestrian until they decide to run away and not usually kill them. This is also the case with the Jamaican Mafia. On occasion, they may pull out a baseball bat to attack the enemy. The McReary crime family will only aid the player after the mission Harboring a Grudge. Before it, when Niko fires a gun at Steinway, Irish gangsters may go after him with a pistol or pump shotgun.



Presumably founded by Mr. McReary, the McReary Family used to be a powerful force in Liberty City; however, the crime family's influence has diminished greatly in recent years. The gang controlled Purgatory in Algonquin, as well as most of Dukes and Broker, but the expansion of the Italian Mafia and Russian Bratva gangs encroached on their empire. Most of the gang members were also irresponsible with their money, choosing to spend it on drugs, alcohol, and women rather than saving it and using it to expand the family's interests. As a result, the gang consists of mostly hired guns, drug dealers and bank robbers.

Senior family member Gerry McReary has been in and out of prison over the years, significantly damaging any stability the gang hoped to maintain. With Gerry back in prison, the leadership has fallen mostly on Patrick 'Packie' McReary, the youngest brother of the family. Under Packie's control, the gang has been reduced to hired mercenaries for the Pegorino crime family, working for incompetent Pegorino capo Ray Boccino, or dealing drugs for Elizabeta Torres. Other members include a former Provisional IRA member named Derrick McReary, the eldest brother, who has been crippled by heroin addiction. He was in charge of the gang but quickly relinquished control to Gerry, and has since alienated former members Bucky Sligo and Aiden O'Malley by allegedly giving them up to the Liberty City Police Department. Other members include Michael Keane and Gordon Sargent. The gang is also discredited by the fact that one of the McReary brothers, Francis McReary is ambitiously pursuing the job of Commissioner of Police. Such a connection is greatly damaging to the reputation of both parties.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

Work with Packie

Niko Bellic meets Patrick McReary for the first time in apartment of drug dealer Elizabeta Torres, when she orders him to oversee the cocaine deal between Packie and several members of the Spanish Lords. Niko successfully look after Packie and his associate from the roof across the road, killing the rival gangsters with sniper rifle.

Impressed by Niko's skills and being in need trustworthy men, Packie calls him and offers him a job with the crime family. His jobs mostly consist of robbing other drug dealers after receiving tip offs from Ray Boccino. First, he takes Niko with him to the port in Fishmarket South to a deal between two Triad gangs in order to steal a van full of cloned meds off of them. They successfully kill every triad on their way and deliver the van to Ray Boccino.

The second job involves two other members of the McReary crime family, Gordon Sargent and Michael Keane. Along with Niko and Packie they plan a hit on the Ancelotti crime family and their waste management depot to steal a bag of money. After the shootout, Gordon and Michael stay in the depot to fight off arriving Ancelotti mobsters, while Packie and Niko escape with the money on the water.

His third job is the biggest and boldest, along with his elder brother, Gerald McReary. Niko, Packie, his another brother Derrick McReary and Michael Keane plan to rob the Bank of Liberty. During the robbery however Michael is shot in process and the three remaining robbers escape while shooting it out with the police through the subway system.

Work with Gerald

Senior McReary gangster, Gerald McReary, offers him a job as well, which is mostly oriented on breaking the peace between Ancelotti crime family and Albanian Mob on orders from the gang's employer, James Pegorino, boss of the smaller Pegorino crime family. First, Niko rigs explosives under the car of Ancelotti capo, Tony Black, and blows it up during Tony Black's meeting with the Albanians. After that, when the conflict grows, Niko, disguised as Albanian, kills another Ancelotti capo, Frankie Garone. Gerald, however, is under tight surveillance from the LCPD and is knows that his time is running out.

Work with Derrick

Packie also asks Niko to help his recently returned brother Derrick McReary with his old problems, since he is in a bad condition and spends most of his time in park in Acter, suffering from substance abuse. During their first meeting, Derrick tells to Niko that Bucky Sligo, a former associate of the McReary crime family and friend of Derrick's, Bucky wants Derrick and his family dead. Derrick asks Niko to take a Police car and use the police computer to find Bucky and then kill him and his accomplices. Niko finds Bucky, and chases him to a nearby hideout. Niko then kills him and his associates.

Later, Derrick then asks Niko to help him in protecting Kim Young-Guk, a Korean mobster has just arrived in Liberty City but has been having problems with rivals.

In Derrick's final mission, he asks Niko to silence an old associate, Aiden O'Malley, who'd been trying to sell the police information on Derrick, in exchange for a reduction of his prison sentence. Niko and Packie ambush the prison convoy transporting Aiden to the Alderney State Correctional Facility by blocking it's path, then killing the police officers they steal the prison transport that Aiden is in. They lose the police and later switch vehicles to a more subtle Presidente. After liberating Aiden, Packie tells him they'll be taking him to the cliffs in Leftwood, tricking him into believing he'd be leaving the country by boat.

When they arrive at the cliffs, Packie reveals the true reason they rescued him and leaves Niko to finish off Aiden alone. In his final moments, Aiden reveals that Derrick had sold him out to avoid prison, suggesting Derrick had not been the innocent victim that he had made himself out to be, but instead was far more crooked and disloyal than Aiden and Bucky were. Ultimately though, Niko executes Aiden, whose body falls into the sea.

Blood Brothers

Another member of the family, who doesn't take part in their criminal activity, chief comissioner Francis McReary also provides Niko Bellic with work. When he discovers about Derrick's return, he orders Niko to kill him during their meeting in the park. Derrick, anticipating the hit, asks Niko for help in killing his brother first. Niko, who watches the meeting from the roof with sniper rifle, has a chance to kill one or the other McReary. Derrick won't reward him, when Francis promises a good sum of money.

During the funeral of one of the deceased brother, the Albanian Mob attacks the family in retaliation. Niko and Packie escape the shootout with the body and deliver it to the cementery.


While in prison, Gerald still provides Niko Bellic with jobs and his last request is to kidnap the daughter of mob boss Giovanni Ancelotti. Niko set up a meeting with her, under the pretense that wants to buy her old car, but kidnaps her instead and delivers her to an apartment in Alderney. Later, he takes a photo of her to send to her father as proof of the kidnap.

The purpose of kidnapping Gracie Ancelotti is to get the diamonds, which came into possesion of Tony Prince and his bodyguard Luis Lopez, who are Ancelotti associates. Niko Bellic and Packie McReary are sent over to exchange with them, but it goes wrong, when Russian crime boss Ray Bulgarin and his hit squad appear, claiming the diamonds as their own. Gracie and her saviours manage to escape, while Niko and Packie appear in the middle of massive shootout with Bulgarin's men. After the shootout the diamonds fall into the trash truck and are lost forever.


If the Revenge ending is chosen, Kate McReary, the only sister in the family, will be killed by Jimmy Pegorino during Roman Bellic's wedding, which leads to an attack on the Pegorino crime family by Niko Bellic.

After the events of GTA IV, the gang is leaderless. Patrick flies away to Los Santos to start the career of an independent bank robber. Gerald remains in prison, while Derrick dies, regardless of the player's choice in Blood Brothers. The fates of Francis and Kate are determinant.

After the Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

"Perhaps, here... things will be different."
This article, or parts of it, are Speculation and may not turn out to be correct.

As Packie McReary left Liberty City in 2008 and Gerald McReary is presumed to be in prison, it is possible that the gang has disbanded. By 2009, during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the McReary gang members are nowhere to be found in Liberty City. It is assumed that the gang may also have become the Irish-American Killers gang, although there is no confirmation.



Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Ballad of Gay Tony



  • The McReary Family own the two Irish pubs in Liberty City: Steinway Beer Garden and Lucky Winkles.
  • Some of its members are used in One for All, Cops n Crooks.
  • The gang's favorite radio stations are Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 and Liberty City Hardcore.
  • The McReary's are mostly likely partly based on The Westies, which were an Irish American criminal organization. Just like the McReary's, the Westies operated in Hells Kitchen, which Purgatory is based on. The Westies too, eventually lost influence in Hells Kitchen due to gentrification, just as the McReary's did. The major members of the Westies were also jailed or killed, similar to the McReary's. Like the Westies, mafia families have employed them as hired guns (in the Westies case: the Gambinos, while the McRearys the Pegorinos).
  • In GTA IV multiplayer, one of the male characters uses the same dialogue as an Irish Mob member.
  • The storyline of the McReary's in GTA IV shared a similarity to the 1990 movie State Of Grace. Much like the McReary's, the movie is based on the Westies gang out of Hells Kitchen. Some of the McReary members seem to even be based off the cast. Packie McReary seems to be based off of Jackie Flannery as he is an emotionally distraught drunken Irish gangster who is a friend and closest to the protagonist, Terry Noonan, who, like Niko, came from out of town. There is even a Francis and a Kate in the Flannery family the former of which is the leader of the gang and seems to be who both Francis and Gerald are based. His similarity to Francis is based on on being treacherous towards his brother including committing fratricide against Jackie while his resemblance to Gerry is based on the fact that he is the leader of the gang and deals with the Italian mafia. The mission Blood Brothers is possibly a reference to this as Niko can kill either Derrick or Francis and in State Of Grace, Terry guns down Francis in revenge for Jackie. Lastly, Kate Flannery seems to be the basis for Kate McReary as she is a redhead, involved romantically with the protagonist, and wants nothing to do with her brother's criminal activities and has moved out of their neighborhood. Much like Patrick McReary, Jackie also wars with the Italian mob much to the dismay of his older brother, Francis.