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"Either the cops are finally planning on arresting some bankers, or they're in desperate need of donut money. Stop a run on the Maze Bank, as police arrive on foot, in SUVs and later, attack helicopters."

Maze Bank Survival is a Survival job in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is located at the base of the Maze Bank Tower in Pillbox Hill

It was added in The Business Update.


Standard Survival rules apply.

The enemies began as LSPD, but later updates have replaced them with The Professionals. The job's description of the enemies as cops has not changed; it's possible that they're intended to be cops disguised as civilians who just happen to have the same models and dialogue as the gang.


  • This map is somewhat difficult to solo properly, although, as both upper and lower levels of the map are in bounds, the player can go to the lower level and camp in the vehicle entrance below.
  • A good to survive 10 rounds is to get a team of at least 3, and take cover on the elevated path on the upper level in the south, and one take cover aiming at the left side of the tower, one aim for the right, and one kill any officers coming from the stairway underneath.



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