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War profiteers, election fixers, scoundrels. You know, bankers.
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Maze has been the target from more boycotts, demonstrations and civil right lawsuits than any other bank in America. Access to that wealth of experience doesn't come cheap, but a good education is an investment worth any price.
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The Maze Bank is a chain of banks in the HD Universe located in Los Santos. The player can buy stocks from the company in the website.


Its presence is predominant in Southern San Andreas with branches throughout the Los Santos Metropolitan Area. One of The Three Bankers works for the bank.

The headquarters of the company, the Maze Bank Tower, is located in Pillbox HillDowntown Los Santos. This skyscraper is the tallest building in San Andreas and the West Coast of the United States of America. The company also sponsors the Maze Bank Arena in La Puerta, the city's main stadium, and sponsors the Richards Majestic Productions film Meltdown.

The company Minotaur Finance is owned by Maze Bank according to the Avarice magazine.


The main building is based on the real-life US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, and the bank itself is most likely based on US Bank. The bank's three-dimensional logo bears a resemblance to Enron's logo.


The bank's official website is The player is able to make transactions on the website and view their transaction history as well. Michael De Santa and the GTA Online Protagonist have active accounts with the bank. However, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips cannot use the website as they do not have accounts with the bank (Franklin uses and Trevor, but they can still use Maze Bank ATMs to deposit or withdraw money.



  • When the GTA Online Protagonist receives modded money, Maze Bank will text the player claiming there has been an error regarding their account and that the money was transferred incorrectly. The money will then be removed from the player's account. This was introduced to prevent players from being unfairly banned or sanctioned in GTA Online if a modder forces money onto them without the player knowing.

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